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A selection of some of our research highlights from the past

Training Networks

HIRESOMI – A Marie Curie training site for methods and devices for non-invasive high-resolution optical measurement and imaging.

Optical Coherence Tomography

Review of early work on OCT – Highlights of our work on the technology and applications of optical coherence tomography from 1993-2005.

En-face OCT – The first en face optical coherence tomography images of the human retina.

OCT/SLO – Combining scanning laser opthalmoscopy (SLO) with optical coherence tomography.

OCT for art conservation – A Leverhulme-funded project to use OCT for non-destructive testing.

OCT for embryology – Investigating the potential of OCT-based measurement on animal models for embryology and cell imaging.

Spectral selection for OCT – Use of supercontinuum source for spectral selection and spectroscopic OCT.

Multiple delay en-face OCT – A new method of measuring the curvature of the retina.

Spectroscopic time domain OCT – Including a rapid method of measuring dispersion in low coherence interferometry and optical coherence tomography systems.


Brillouin gain based distributed sensing – Long range distributed sensor system based on the temperature or strain dependence of the Brillouin gain coefficient.

Structural health monitoring using multiplexed fibre-grating arrays (SHODOS– A 3-year EPSRC/DTI Link project to measure strain in concrete bridges.

Medical sensing – A collaboration with Hammersmith Hospital with the aim of developing a linear array of grating temperature sensors that will be able to monitor the temperature profile within a region of the body.

Photo-refractive effect – The study of dynamic holograms recorded in photorefractive materials.

Coherence-gated wavefront sensor – Depth-resolved aberration measurements.

Talbot effect and Faraday Sensing

Acousto-optics, Electro-optics and Magneto-optics

Team for electro-optical and acousto-optical microstructures

Spin-dependent phenomena in bulk crystals and nanostructures of semimagnetic semiconductors and their device applications (INTAS)

INFO-COPERNICUS – An EU-funded collaborative project to stimulate and support research in optical metrology.


The fastest multichannel fibre optic digital correlator – A sub-nanosecond dwell time optical multichannel digital correlator.

High-speed microwave photonics – Replacing the electronic systems with networks of optical fibres and electronic logic gates with an optoelectronic hybrid equivalent, to create higher speed correlators.