AOG people

AOG seminars

We have a regular programme of seminars by internal and external speakers.

All talks are in the Photonics Meeting Room unless otherwise indicated. Monthly internal talks are 2 PM on the last Thursday of each month, external speakers are ad hoc and will be advertised when confirmed. Some talks are organised as part of the SPS Colloquia programme. 

Journal Club: We also meet biweekly to discuss the latest papers in biomedical optics and biophotonics. If you are interested in joining us, please contact Mike Hughes to be added to the mailing list.

2018 Speakers


15th November 2018 Maya ThanouInstitute of Pharmaceutical Science, King’s College London, Nanoparticles as functional tools in image-guided Focused Ultrasound drug delivery

29th November 2018 Ramona Cernat, Applied Optics Group


25th October 2018 Adrian Fernandez, Applied Optics Group

27th September 2018 Andy Thrapp, Applied Optics Group

9th August 2017 Virgil Duma, Aurel Vlaicu University of Arad, Romania, Scanning patterns for imaging

26th July 2018 Adrian Bradu, Applied Optics Group

16th July 2018 Grigory Gelikonov, Institute of Applied Physics, Russia

22nd June 2018 Michael Everson, Applied Optics Group, Polygon mirror-based spectral filters for Swept Source Optical Coherence Tomography

21st June 2018 Kevin K. Tsia, Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, The University of Hong Kong. All-optical laser-scanning imaging cytometry for ultra large-scale deep single-cell image-based analysis Ingram LT.

20th June 2018 Marisa Monteiro, Science Museum, University of Porto. In between a science centre and University historical collections: the practice of science outreach Ingram LT

19th April 2018, Kawal Rhode, King’s College London. Imaging biomarkers in heart disease.

16th April 2018 Yong Hu, Applied Optics Group,

30th May 2018 Manuel Marques, Applied Optics Group, REBOT Project: May 2018 status update

28th March 2018 Sophie Cajoulle, Applied Optics Group

7th Feb 2018 Anna Peacock, Optoelectronics Research Center (ORC), University of Southampton Semiconductor Optical Fibres: A New Platform for Nonlinear Optics? Ingram LT