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Applied Optics Group

Full-field OCT and spectral domain OCT (HIRESOMI)

Researcher: Jingyu Wang
Supervisors: A. Podoleanu, University of Kent and Cristopher Dainty, NUI Galway, Ireland
Project Funding: HIRESOMI

Project outline

This project was funded by HIRESOMI, Marie Curie EST Network. Jingyu Wang worked on a Full-field OCT system and explored the applications of OCT imaging and measurement with the help of a high-sensitivity CCD camera (Andor DV887). Low NA optics were used in a Full-field OCT to build a Coherence Radar which can measure the topology of object surfaces by the phase-shifting method. By introducing multiple-delay-lines into the interferometer, the contour information of a curved object surface can be obtained from a single en-face OCT image. This could be used in the measurement of the cornea curvature. With high NA optics, a Linnik interferometer was built. This high NA set-up will enable high transverse resolution.