Applied Optics Group

HIRESOMI was a Marie Curie training network co-ordinated by Prof Adrian Podoleanu of the Applied Optics group which ran from 2006 to 2010. It educated by research 20 Marie Curie EST fellows: 10 towards PhD, 3 towards MSc and 7 on short stage fellowships of between 3 and 13 months. The Marie Curie Fellows were trained on devices, systems and methods for non-invasive HIgh RESolution Optical Measurements and Imaging (HIRESOMI) in general and in optical coherence tomography (OCT), confocal microscopy, adaptive optics (AO), vision and biomedical sensing in particular.

The network educated the fellows according to a structured training programme which employed the expertise in interdisciplinary fields within the network. The training involved experimental and taught components tuned to each fellow’s research project. In 13 fellowships, supervisors drawn from two institutions guided the work, with the fellows involved in experimental work at the sites of the two institutions in different countries. Specialist, general scientific and research and management skills training was  delivered according to a plan devised to complement the teaching at the sites of the institutions where the fellows were seconded or recruited, with teaching organised during a Summer School and three workshops. An intensive and varied complementary teaching programme broadened the expertise of each fellow beyond the subject of the specific project concerned.

The publication outputs included:

  • 13 papers in peer reviewed journals
  • 17 articles in peer reviewed conference proceedings
  • 117 articles in non-peer reviewed conference proceeding
  • 6 patent applications
  • more than 37 seminar presentations.
  • 2 invited presentations by fellows
  • 1 review article
  • 29 invited presentations and tutorials delivered by the supervisors.

Out of 132 active participation in conferences, fellows and supervisors presented 68 articles (out of these 30 were invited) and fellows presented 62 posters. Fellows also participated in 554 seminars and colloquia.

Fellows educated at the University of Kent

Liviu Neagu
University of Kent and Multiwave Photonics, Porto, Portugal
Jingyu Wang 
University of Kent and National University of Ireland, Galway
Erika Odlund
University of Kent and Imagine Eyes, Paris]
Project: Dynamic characterization, modeling, and control of a deformable mirror for adaptive optics ophthalmic applications
Irina Trifanov
University of Kent and Multiwave Photonics, Porto, Portugal
Simon Tuhoy
University of Kent and Imagine Eyes, Paris
Project: Combining Adaptive Optics, SLO and OCT
Michael Leitner
University of Kent and University of Porto, Porto, Portugal
Project: Differential absorption OCT for depth resolved concentration of water or drugs in the tissue
Sabine Chiesa
University of Kent and National University of Ireland, Galway
Project: Adaptive Optics Enhanced Retinal Imaging
Sam Van der Jeught
University of Kent
Project: High speed digital signal processing in optical coherence tomography using a graphics processing unit
Mikael Berglund
University of Kent
Project: Handheld OCT probes for OCT
Maria-Alexandra Paun
University of Kent
Project: Simulated annealing for adaptive optics correction
Hamid Hosseiny Darbrazi
University of Kent and University of Porto, Porto, Portugal
Project: Digital interface for multichannel optical coherence tomography
Mihai Patachia

Peer Reviewed Articles in Journals

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