Brillouin gain based distributed sensing

Support: EPSRC, Furukawa

Temperature or strain may be determined continuously along the length of a single mode optical fibre by utilising the temperature or strain dependence of the Brillouin gain coefficient. We had a programme of research aimed at understanding the fundamental issues involved in the interaction of a cw and a pulsed laser source within a long optical fibre, and developing a long range distributed sensor system based on this effect. We demonstrated a 51 km long sensing system in our laboratory, studied the effects of polarisation changes in the fibre, investigated temperature/strain cross-sensitivity and are subsequently developed techniques to reduce the complexity and expense of the system and thereby enhance its commercial attractiveness.

Potential applications include:

Temperature: Fire detection in tunnels, airport buildings, museums, LPG leak detection, process control.

Strain: Structural monitoring in buildings, bridges, dams and other capital structures, intruder detection, monitoring for river bank collapse.


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Staff Involved

Prof. D.A. Jackson
Dr. D.J.Webb
Dr. C.N. Pannell
Dr. V. Lecoeuche