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Mathematics at Kent

Differential equation
Differential equation

Mathematics research projects

Research interests within the Mathematics group cover a wide spectrum, as can be seen elsewhere on our research pages.

On this page, we provide brief information about some current projects that may be of interest to new research students, research fellows, and others.

Please contact the named supervisor(s) if you’d like to find out more about a project. We’re keen to build new research partnerships and to find ways for you to become involved.

Topic/project More information
Algebra PDF, 38 KB Supervisor(s): Algebra group

A∞-algebras PDF, 160 KB

Supervisor(s): Dr Constanze Roitzheim
Classical and quantum integrable systems PDF, 231 KB Supervisor(s): Integrable systems group
Classical and quantum behaviour of Skyrmions PDF, 306 KB Supervisor(s): Dr Steffen Krusch
Extension Theory of Difference and Differential Operators PDF, 306 KB  Supervisor(s): Dr Ian Wood
Animal movement, random walks and boundary effects;
Functional response for a heterogenous world;
Interacting species in space;
Modelling the regulation process responsible for polar cell growth
Supervisor(s): Dr Daniel Bearup
Model categories and rigidity PDF, 160 KB Supervisor(s): Dr Constanze Roitzheim
Modular invariants and Galois algebras PDF, 112 KB Supervisor(s): Prof Peter Fleischmann
On multiple orthogonal polynomials PDF, 48 KB Supervisor(s): Dr Ana Loureiro
Noncommutative algebra, Poisson geometry and combinatorics PDF, 30 KB Supervisor(s): Prof Stéphane Launois
Polynomial modular rings of invariants of finite ρ-groups PDF, 110 KB Supervisor(s): Prof Peter Fleischmann
Representation theory of symmetric groups, wreath products and related algebras PDF, 285 KB Supervisor(s): Dr Rowena Paget
Spectral theory of non-selfadjoint operators PDF, 79 KB Supervisor(s): Dr Ian Wood
Topological solitons and their moduli spaces PDF, 62 KB Supervisor(s): Dr Steffen Krusch

Last updated 11/06/21