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Centre for Biocultural Diversity

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Featured News

Roy Ellen wins Book Award

Emeritus Professor Roy Ellen’s 2021 book, The Nuaulu World of Plants. Ethnobotanical Cognition, Knowledge and Practice Among a People of Seram, Eastern Indonesia
(Sean Kingston Publishing), has won the 2022 Mary W. Klinger Book Award given by the Society for Economic Botany for an outstanding book published in the discipline of Economic/Ethno Botany.

The Nuaulu World of Plants is the culmination of Roy Ellen’s anthropological fieldwork on the eastern Indonesian island of Seram, and of comparative enquiries into the bases of human classificatory activity through the study of ethnobiological knowledge over a fifty year period.

A book launch celebrating this, and another book  Nature Wars, was held on 28th January, 2021.  A recording of the event is available on the RAI YouTube channel.


Out of Many, One People: Biocultural Diversity across Borders

May 29-June 2nd 2022 – University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica

Society for Economic Botany
International Society for Ethnobiology

Finally, after a long wait of 2 years the ISE and SEB reconvene for a joint meeting in Jamaica, hosted by the University of the West Indies. Expect a flurry of innovative blogs, posters, papers, books and videos to emerge from these meetings, always a trend setter!


TEA: Nature, Culture, Society 1650-1850

Wednesday, 22 June 2022 13:00 -Friday, 24 June 2022 20:00

The Linnean Society ONLINE: Register here

From tea to teapots; from taste to trade. This meeting will explore natural histories, Chinese porcelain, tea’s impact on literature and more.

Dr Mark Nesbitt (Kew, CBCD Affiliate Staff) and Kent Ethnobotany alum Aurura Prehn (Kew, MOBOT) will present ongoing research on Tea in the Economic Botany Collections held at RBG Kew. (Wed Jun 22nd).


Past Events ONLINE

Just Coca 2022 – Health | Science | People

Coca leaf and coca products: uses, safety, medical applications, and regulatory challenges

Recording available at: JUST COCA 2022

Our third in the webinar series People and Psychoactive Plants exploring exisiting stigma and new models of social regulation for psychoactive plants.

Kent-Kew Distinguished Ethnobotanist Lecture 2021


Professor Manuel Pardo-de-Santayana (UAM, Real Jardin Botanique, Madrid)

Protecting traditional botanical knowledge in the era of open science: lessons learned from Spain

A lecture on documenting and preserving traditional botanical knowledge, especially that of wild plant foods and medicines across Spain.

Tuesday 12 October, 2021, Jodrell Lecture Theatre, Kew Gardens. More information here

WEBINAR: People and Psychoactive Plants

Webinar series exploring exisiting stigma and new models of social regulation for tobacco, cannabis, coca, and alcohol.

From Menace to Medicine: Cannabis in Transition

Panel discussion held April 1st 2021, with special guests led by Dr. Axel Klein  Panel, bios and video interviews

Tobacco 15 years after the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control – Global Governance, local stigma    

Panel discussions held 30th September and 1st October 2020, with special guests led by Dr. Axel Klein   Panel Recordings here


2020 Distinguished Ethnobotanist Lecture

Dr. Ina Vandebroek, The New York Botanical Garden, Caribbean Ethnobotany: Herbs, Health and Heritage Across Borders. Held Ocotboer 13, 2020. Ethnobotany Lecture


Book Launch with Prof Roy Ellen

A book launch celebrating two new books from Emeritus Professor Roy Ellen was held on 28th January, 2021.   

 Nature Wars and The Nuaulu World of Plants

A recording of the event will be available on the RAI YouTube channel.


See our new CBCD YOUTUBE Channel for more content.

For more information please contact Dr Raj Puri (rkp@kent.ac.uk), Director of the Centre for Biocultural Diversity at Kent.