Centre for Biocultural Diversity

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Doctoral Research

  • An ethnobotanical approach to the revitalisation of naked oats in Cornwall. Harriet Gendall
  • The trade in medicinal plants from Jamaica to the UK. Jason Irving
  • Tastes like home: Migrating Bosnian foodways. Ashley Glenn
  • Foraging Practices in Kent. Holly Harris
  • (Im)possible cohabitation: Rewilding and pastoralism in contested French mountain “wilderness”. Anthony Knight
  • Extinction in the Anthropocene. Craig Ritchie

Recently Completed Doctoral Research

  • Making sense of non-sense: An ethnobiological study into the ethnometaphysics of ayahuasca cosmology episodes. Andrew Dean 2022
  • Biocultural Diversity and Conservation around Mt Cameroon:
    Traditional knowledge, management and governance in the era of sustainable development. Sarah Laird 2020
  • The relationship between language shift and the domain of traditional environmental knowledge. Anna Piestrzynska 2020
  • Forest Fires, Social Conflict and Environmental Management in the Mediterranean Protected Area of Serra De Tramuntana, Mallorca. Maria Cifre Sabater 2020
  • The Medical Ethnobotany of Siddis, Gujarat, India. Seema Solanki 2019
  • Saving Wild Seeds in the Anthropocene:
 Pursuing More-than-Human Futures at the Millennium Seed Bank Partnership. Kay Lewis-Jones 2018
  • Wellbeing on the Edge: The Dynamics of Musundian Edge-Dwelling on the Boundaries of Protected Natural Areas in Limpopo, South Africa. Amber Abrams 2018
  • Indicators of the Status of and Trends in Global Biological, Linguistic and Biocultural Diversity. Jonathan Loh 2017
  • ‘Bushcraft’ and ‘indigenous knowledge’: transformations of a concept in the modern world. Lisa Fenton 2017.
  • Tibetan medicine(s) in Europe: tracing the transformations of plants and meanings from their places of origin to the patient–healer interface. Jan van der Valk 2016
  • The ‘social life’ of rattan in Katingan, Indonesia: Investigating rattan knowledge in the context of socio-economic and environmental dynamics. Viola Schreer 2016

Collaborative links

CBCD has collaborative links with a number of institutions for research, education and community outreach purposes, including the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, the Eden Project, the Henry Doubleday Research Association, the Medway School of Pharmacy, the UCL School of Pharmacy, and the Global Diversity Foundation.