Nuaulu ethnobotanical cognition and knowledge

Roy Ellen in Nuaulu

An appraisal of how ethnobotanical classification works, addressing some of the problems associated with the received models

Leverhulme Trust Emeritus Fellowship, 2018-2020

Emeritus Professor Roy Ellen will complete a large monograph on the subject of ethnobotanical cognition, knowledge and practice among the Nuaulu of Seram, eastern Indonesia. This work – the culmination of Professor Ellen’s last 50 years of academic research – also endeavours to re-appraise how ethnobotanical classification works, addressing some of the problems associated with the received models by emphasising much more intra-cultural variation, the difficulties of simple claims for universality versus relativity, of cultural models versus individual contextual schemata, and of the two-dimensional taxonomic model.

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