We highlight outreach activities of CBCD staff and projects, as well as advocacy work with individuals, institutions, private organizations, and nongovernmental organizations from around the World on those activities that deal specifically with attempts to protect biocultural diversity hot spots and local populations against imminent threats such as mining, logging, large scale plantations, protected areas, cultural homegenisation and urbanization. We also run a Seminar Series at Kent to report research and advocacy work by staff, visiting fellows and students.


CBCD staff support efforts by CALG’s local campaigners to protect their lands, livelihoods and cultures from… Read more

TEA The Ethnobotanical Assembly – new webzine

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Dr Gary Martin and GDF protecting Morocco’s High Atlas Landscapes

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50 Farmers Tales Archive

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Linking and Geotagging Pastoralist and Mobile Production Systems

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indigenous fishing

The Digital Archive of the Batak

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Ese eja rights

Ethnoecology, Advocacy & Indigenous Land Rights of the Ese Eja

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Mapping Ancestral Lands of the Ese Eja of the Amazon

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