Beyond the Spectacle

Native North American Presence in Britain

Beyond the Spectacle is a multi-disciplinary research project, based at the University of Kent and the University of East Anglia, and funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

It seeks to uncover the presence of Native North Americans in Britain, as both travellers and expatriates, across the past four hundred and fifty years, but with a particular focus on the last century and a half and the contemporary period. For more, see About.

The project comprises a Principal Investigator (Professor David Stirrup at Kent), a Co-Investigator (Professor Jacqueline Fear-Segal at UEA), an International Co-Investigator (Professor Coll Thrush at the University of British Columbia), and two Research Associates (Dr Kate Rennard at Kent and Dr Jack Davy at UEA). The project is overseen by a board with members in both Britain and North America, and will work closely with a number of international collaborators. For more, see People.

Each member of the team will pursue their own research strands under the auspices of the project, while also contributing to the broader themes. As well as archival investigations, the project will draw on oral history, material culture and an innovative crowdsourcing campaign to facilitate the most comprehensive analysis of the subject matter. For more, see Research.

The team will be supported in all these endeavours by a number of project partners and collaborators, who have agreed to offer research aid, financial backing, expert insight, and many other vital forms of assistance, in order to help the project achieve its goals. For more, see Partners.

In addition to pursuing a traditional publication strategy, embracing scholarly articles and co-authored and edited books, Beyond the Spectacle will seek to connect with a broader audience through a range of public engagement and outreach activities. These will include education schemes, tribal community events, and art exhibitions, as well as workshops, conferences and public lectures. For more, see Events and Outreach.

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(Our banner image is ‘View of the River Thames, London, England with Clyde the Big Red Indian’ by Native artist Bobby C. Martin – for more, see Bobby’s project blog-post, here)