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Beyond the Spectacle: Native North American Presence in Britain


  • ONLINE 15-18 JUNE 2021 – CONFERENCE: ‘Indigenous Mobilities: Travelers through the Heart(s) of Empire’ – Reid Hall, Paris.
    More information here.
  • July 2021 SHP Showcase – David Stirrup and Kerry Apps workshop session, “From Little Bighorn to Salford Quays and Back


  • ORIGINS Writers series in partnership with BtS, May and June 2021. The series featured Joy Harjo (Muscogee Creek and three-time US poet laureate), Natalie Diaz (Mojave), Matthew James Weigel (Métis) and Liz Howard (Anishinaabe descent), Nicola I. Campbell (Nłeʔkepmx, Syilx and Métis), and Kyle Whyte (Potawatomi). To view full video of some of these events, visit: Natalie Diaz (in conversation with David Herd); Matthew James Weigel and Liz Howard (with Peter Jaeger); and Kyle Whyte and Jay Griffiths (with Michael Walling).
  • 29 May 2021, Jacqueline Fear-Segal and David Stirrup, live session for the Historical Association annual conference, “Legacies of Empire: Native North American Presence in Britain”
  • 25 March 2021 – Indigenous Enterprise / Preserve, Perform, Progress in partnership with Border Crossings (video to come)
  • 27 January 2021 – David Stirrup, ‘ “Oxford is a world where everything about my own world is alien”: Native North American Presence in Oxford’ for the Oxford and Empire series. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=diblmLhX5K8
  • 05 November 2020 – David Stirrup, speaking with Kerry Apps, Matthew Stanford, Lauren Working, and Misha Ewen for the SHP Understanding session on The English in the Americas
  • 28 October 2019 – David Stirrup, Kate Rennard, Yvonne McEwen, and LeAndra Nephin, ‘Beyond the Spectacle: Native North American Presence in Britain’ @ Scottish International Storytelling Festival – Scottish Storytelling Centre, Edinburgh
  • 25 October 2019 – Beyond the Spectacle walking tour display @ Norwich Science Festival – The Forum, Norwich
  • 12 October 2019, 11:00 – Jacqueline Fear-Segal, ‘Elimination and Survivance: Beyond the Spectacle of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West “Indians”‘ keynote address @ Association of British American Nineteenth Century Historians (BrANCH) conference – David Hume Tower, University of Edinburgh
  • 19-20 July 2019 – SYMPOSIUM: ‘Bringing Light to the Dark: Visual Sovereignties in Contemporary Indigenous Art of the Americas’; keynote by Sonny Assu – Sainsbury Centre for the Visual Arts, Norwich.
  • 5 July 2019 – Kate Rennard, ‘Uncovering Hidden Histories of the First World War’ @ The Canadian Forces in Britain During the Great War, 1914-1919, UCL Canadian Studies Conference – UCL Institute of the Americas
  • 20 June 2019 – Kate Rennard, “Hidden Histories” Q&A with director Michael Walling @ Origins Festival – National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London
  • 15 June 2019 – Jacqueline Fear-Segal, Jack Davy, and Kate Rennard, “Beyond the Spectacle” @ Origins Festival – Rich Mix, Shoreditch, London
  • 16 May 2019, 19:00 – Coll Thrush, ‘Indigenous London and Beyond: Native Travellers at the Heart of Empire’ – 2AD Memorial Library, Norwich
  • 24-27 April 2019 – ​David Stirrup, ‘Sporting Sovereignty: the Haudenosaunee Lacrosse Economy’ @ American Indian Workshop – Poznan, Poland
  • 13 April 2019, 16:30 – David Stirrup, Kate Rennard and Yvonne McEwen ‘Uncovering Hidden Histories of the First World War’ panel @ British Association of Canadian Studies (BACS) conference – Room G.34, Senate House, London
  • 13 March 2019, 17:00 – Jack Davy, ‘Authenticity and Ethno Drama: Exporting Native American Identity’ (Global History seminar) – R1.13 Ramphal Building, University of Warwick
  • 21 February 2019 – David Stirrup, ‘Beyond the Spectacle project overview’ – Edinburgh City Library
  • 12 December 2018 – David Stirrup, ‘Iroquois Lacrosse Teams in Britain: a “very pretty game to watch” or a “diplomatic tool”?’ (Annual Canadian Studies Lecture) – University of Nottingham
  • 28 November 2018 – Jack Davy, ‘Speaking directly, a Kwakwaka’wakw installation in the Horniman Museum’ @ Reimagining The Human: A Two-Day Conference In Collaboration With ICME – Horniman Museum, London
  • 22 November 2018 – Lisa Brooks, ‘Our Beloved Kin: War, Captivity, and Native Resistance during the “First Indian War”’ – Grimond LT 3, University of Kent
  • 14 November 2018 – Jack Davy, ‘In search of the ancestors: Native American presences in British museums’ (4th Annual Mayflower Lecture) – University of Plymouth
  • 13 November 2018 – David Stirrup, ‘Beyond the Spectacle: Native North American Presence in Britain’ (public talk to Sandwich Women’s Institute and Historical Society) – Sandwich Guildhall
  • 18 October 2018 – Jules Koostachin film screenings: ‘NiiSoTeWak’ and ‘PLACEnta’ – University of Kent. Organised and sponsored by the Native Spirit Foundation as part of the 12th annual Native Spirit film festival: https://nativespiritfoundation.org
  • 29 August 2018 – Salford Totem Pole restoration launch event – Media City, Salford
  • 6 August 2018 – Bojan Louis poetry reading – University of Kent
  • 6 June 2018 – ‘Indigenous Art in Britain’ symposium – University of Bristol
  • 4 June 2018 – Chris Andersen,‘“…most of our guys got along real well with the women folk in England, even the Indian boys.” Metis War Time Experiences, at Home and Abroad’ (inaugural lecture for the Centre for Indigenous and Settler Colonial Studies; preceded by a graduate seminar) – Goldsmiths, University of London, RHB356
  • 2 June 2018 – Jack Davy, ‘Indigenous dissonance: letting objects speak’ @ Art Materiality and Representation, Royal Anthropological Institute conference – University of London
  • 2 June 2018 – Jacqueline Fear-Segal, ‘Memories and Traditional Knowledge in the Art Work of Indian School Children’ @ Art Materiality and Representation, Royal Anthropological Institute conference – University of London
  • 30 May 2018 – Coll Thrush, ‘Indigenous London’ (followed by a graduate seminar) – Grimond LT2, University of Kent
  • 24 May – Coll Thrush, ‘Indigenous London’ – Benjamin Franklin House, London
  • 23 May – Coll Thrush, ‘Indigenous London’ – Institute of Historical Research, London
  • 20 April 2018 – Kate Rennard, ‘Beyond the Spectacle: First Nations’ Organizations and their Political Activism in Britain, 1970s-Present’ @ British Association of Canadian Studies (BACS) conference – Senate House, London
  • 4 April 2018 – Kate Rennard, ‘“A Struggle for the Land”: Environment, Place, and the Transnational Networks of American Indian Activists and Welsh Nationalists’ @ European/British Associations for American Studies (EBAAS) conference – King’s College, London
  • 4 April 2018 – Jack Davy, ‘An uneven surface: British heritage contact zones’ @ European/British Associations for American Studies (EBAAS) conference – King’s College, London
  • 4 April 2018 – Jacqueline Fear-Segal and David Stirrup, ‘Beyond the Spectacle project overview’ @ European/British Associations for American Studies (EBAAS) conference – King’s College, London
  • 23 March 2018 – David Stirrup, ‘Beyond the Spectacle project overview’ @ the Native American Literature Symposium (NALS) – Mystic Lake Casino Hotel, Prior Lake, Minnesota