Beyond the Spectacle: Native North American Presence in Britain

PLEASE NOTE: this is currently the beta version of the database, which is undergoing extensive editing. It remains searchable, however, but please be aware that entries may be revised upon future visits.

To search the database, you may conduct either free text searches or use the filters for tribal affiliation, year(s) of visit, reasons for travel, and UK location. Please note that spellings may vary.

Tribal affiliations include all Nations that given individuals are publicly associated with and, where reasonable, include variant spellings as well as both imposed names and autonyms.

This database is not comprehensive; its entries are also partial and will not necessarily include every visit of repeat travelers. Generally, we have only included individuals when their presence in Britain has specifically related to their Indigenous identity or they have identified themselves to us with the purpose of expanding the archive. In order to preserve their privacy, we have chosen not to include current residents of the UK unless they have given us explicit permission to do so.

If you encounter any errors or would like to suggest additions (or deletions) please do not hesitate to contact us.

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