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Understanding Unbelief

Films & clips

Documentary: A History of Unbelief

In a documentary commissioned by the Unbelief Programme historian Dan Snow and HistoryHit delve into the history of unbelief from the ancient world to contemporary childhood. Available to watch here

(c) HistoryHit

Documentary: Understanding Unbelief in Brazil

Commissioned by the Understanding Unbelief programme, this documentary short explores atheism and agnosticism in Brazil and the unique history of Brazil’s Positivist Churches.

Field Report: Minority Millennials and the Rise of “Religious Nones”

In this short field report presented at our Cultures of Unbelief conference in Rome in May 2019 Dr Aprilfaye Manalang and some of her students at Norfolk State University talk about religious disaffiliation among minority millennials in the USA

Research in focus: Understanding Unbelief Across Cultures

Much of what we currently know about unbelief has come from research done in the Global North. An important part of our work is to improve insight into unbelief around the world. Here Karin van Nieukerk from Radboud University talks about her work in Egypt.

Research in focus: Measuring Unbelief

Azim Shariff from the University of British Columbia on using innovative quantitative methods to improve measurements of unbelief around the world. Learn more about Azim’s work here 

Research in focus: Non-Religious childhoods

Anna Strhan and Rachel Shilitoe from the University of York talk about their ethnographic project exploring non-religion with children in the UK. Learn more about thier work here

Cross-Cultural research (February 2018)

Listen to the UU researchers talk about the importance of cross-cultural methodologies in their work.

Our interdisciplinary approach (February 2018)

Watch a short introduction to the interdisciplinary approach leading the Understanding Unbelief programme

Learn more about the Culture’s of Unbelief, the Understanding Unbelief programme’s capstone conference in Rome May 28-30, 2019

Dr Lois Lee: Does religious unbelief exist? (July 2017)

As part of the Think Kent series, Dr Lee discusses scientific approaches to understanding unbelief.

Understanding Unbelief programme overview (September 2017)

Programme leaders Dr Lois Lee and Dr Jonathan Lanman introduce the purpose and scope of the Understanding Unbelief programme.