Understanding Unbelief

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Findings from Understanding Unbelief Across Disciples, Across Cultures (ADAC)

ADAC, the Understanding Unbelief core research project, uses an integrated interdisciplinary approach to explore the nature and variety of unbelief across cultural and demographic contexts. The initial round of ADAC involved fieldwork and the roll out of a large-scale survey across six national settings: Brazil, China, Denmark, Japan, UK and the USA. Through sharing our methods with other researchers the scope of ADAC will continue to expand across further settings and contexts in the coming years. This page is dedicated to publications working with the ADAC methodology.

28 May 2019

Atheists and agnostics around the world: Interim findings from 2019 research in Brazil, China, Denmark, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States

Bullivant, Farias, Lanman & Lee