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Understanding Unbelief

Podcasts & audio

Reaching for a new sense of connection? The diversity of nonreligion in Europe

Recorded at a public lecture at the University of Kingston, London in May 2019, Professor David Herbert and Dr Josh Bullock discuss the findings of their Understanding Unbelief project that examined the nature and diversity of unbelief, practice and social connections among Millennials in six European countries. Prezi link to slides and audio available here

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Cultures of Unbelief research update- Professor Lori Beaman on enchantment

Recorded at Understanding Unbelief’s Cultures of Unbelief conference in May 2019, Professor Lori Beaman from the University of Ottawa talks to journalist Rosie Dawson about reclaiming the notion of enchantment. Lori’s current work explores the ways in which enchantment, awe and wonder, for both non-religious and religious people, can translate into ethical responses to climate, nature and the world of non-human animals.

Cultures of Unbelief research update: The ‘Unbelievers’ exhibition

Documentary photographer Aubrey Wade talks to Rosie Dawson about his project ‘Unbelievers’. ‘Unbelievers’, a work in progress exhibition of photographs, was held at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome during the capstone conference of the Understanding Unbelief programme: Cultures of Unbelief May 28-30, 2019. The portraits and stories in the exhibition offer an insight into the diversity of beliefs and worldviews held by people who don’t believe in God or gods. The exhibition includes portraits of atheists and agnostics from Brazil, Japan, Norway and the UK. All images © 2019 Aubrey Wade. All rights reserved.

Cultures of Unbelief research update: How can artificial intelligence help up understand unbelief?

Recorded at the 2019 Cultures of Unbelief and NSRN conference in Rome, F. LeRon Shults, Professor in the Department of Global Development and Social Planning at the University of Agder, Norway, and Scientific Director of the Center for Modeling Social Systems at NORCELS tells Rosie Dawson what AI computer modelling can tell us about the future of Non-religion and unbelief.

Harvey Cox reflects on the 1969 Culture of Unbelief conference

American theologian Harvey Cox speaks to journalist Rosie Dawson about the significance of 1969 conference Culture of Unbelief, the first significant collaboration between the Vatican and secular academics around the study of atheism and other forms of ‘unbelief’.

Join us May 28-30 in Rome for Cultures of Unbelief to commemorate the 50th anniversary of this seminal event, the research of the Understanding Unbelief programme and the 2019 NSRN conference. Register here

The Sacred #17

Dr Lois Lee

On this episode of the Theos Thinktank podcast Lois Lee talks about what its like to study Nonreligion as an academic term, the differences it has from atheism, and how, despite being nonreligious, she has still learnt a great deal from religious communities. Listen here…
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Facing Death Without Religion

Professor Christel Manning

Professor Manning, Theology and religious studies scholar at Sacred Heart University, Connecticut talks about her work with non-religious people facing the end of life on the Diversity and Spirituality podcast. Listen here…

Learn more about Professor Manning’s Understanding Unbelief project here…
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From Non-Religion to Unbelief? A developing field

Dr Lois Lee and Chris Cotter

In this podcast from the Religious Studies Project podcast, we check in with the state of the field, discuss developments beyond the Anglophone “West”, some of the many exciting projects being worked on under the “Understanding Unbelief” banner, the utility and pitfalls of the terminology of “unbelief”, and some of the critical issues surrounding the reification of survey categories. Listen here…
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Jewish Atheists in Foxholes? Phenomenologies of Violence and Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Dr Stacey Gutkowski

Presented December 2016 as part of the Scientific Study Non-belief Lecture Series, UCL, London.

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What is a Human? The American Public’s Views and the Impact on Human Rights

Professor John H. Evans (University of California)

Presented December 2016 as part of the Scientific Study Non-belief Lecture Series, UCL, London.

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Voices and Other Guiding Presences in the Emergence of Four Religious and Nonreligious Social Movements

Professor Ann Taves (University of California at Santa Barbara)

Presented December 2016 as part of the Scientific Study Non-belief Lecture Series, UCL, London.

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Evangelical and Tablighi Pioneers on Post-Atheist Frontiers

Dr Mathijs Pelkmans (LSE)

Presented December 2016 as part of the Scientific Study Non-belief Lecture Series, UCL, London.

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