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Dr Jonathan Lanman announces the Understanding Unbelief media award at the JW3 Religion in the Media Festival: Exploring Belief, London 30 April 2019.



The Understanding Unbelief project based at the University of Kent is pleased to announce its sponsorship of an international media award to encourage reporting on the worldviews, beliefs and experiences of people identifying as ‘unbelievers’ or non-religious.


The Understanding Unbelief project is a multi-disciplinary research programme mapping non-religion around the world. Its findings are already being disseminated through publications, conferences and public engagement activities. The aim of this award is to increase popular awareness and understanding of the broad issues raised by this emerging field of academic research.


£4000 prize money is available to journalists and programme makers deemed by the judges to have made a significant contribution to the reporting of non-religion through their work. The winner will be awarded £2000. There will be two runner-up prizes of £1000, one of which will be specifically reserved for younger entrants between the age of 18 and 30.


Articles and broadcasts published on any media platform between January 1st 2018 and September 30th 2019 can be submitted for the awards.  This might include film broadcast on TV or online; written pieces published in newspapers or online; and sound broadcast on radio or as podcast.  Shortlisting will be done by a group of media professionals, alongside members of the Understanding Unbelief Team, and the winners will be announced at an event later in the year. Submissions from anywhere in the world will be welcomed but entries must be in English.


Principal investigator on the Understanding Unbelief programme Dr Lois Lee says: “One billion people worldwide say they have no religion. We want to recognise the work of journalists and programme makers who are exploring the nature and diversity of these people’s beliefs and practices and the impact they have on their social and personal lives – including the way that they engage with religion”.



Please direct all enquiries to: info@understanding-unbelief.net