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The Reasoner: volume 1

Volume 1, Number 8: December 2007

Editorial – Federica Russo
Interview with Michel Mouchart and Guillaume Wunsch – Federica Russo
Automating the Design of Data Mining Algorithms – Alex A. Freita & Gisele L. Pappa
Truth and truthmakers: A reply to Bourne’s negation – Fabien Schang
A constructive definition of the intuitive truth of the Axioms and Rules of Inference of Peano Arithmetic – Bhupinder Singh Anand
Neo-Fregean Unnatural Numbers – Hartley Slater
On Moral Responsibility and The Reflective Endorsement View – Richard H. Corrigan
The Trouble with Pollock’s Principle of Agreement – Paul Thorn
The Reasoning Club – Jon Williamson
History, Philosophy, and Didactics of Mathematics, 1–4 November – Eva Wilhelmus & Ingo Witzke
Philosophy of Information and Logic, 3–4 November – Sebastian Sequoiah-Grayson & Luciano Floridi
Peirce, Charles Sanders (1839-1914) – Kevin S. Decker
Ontology – Robert Arp

Volume 1, Number 7: November 2007

Editorial – Jon Williamson
Interview with Donald Gillies – Jon Williamson
Why we shouldn’t fault Lucas and Penrose for continuing to believe in the Godelian argument against computationalism II – Bhupinder Singh Anand
On two arguments about the logical status of ‘exists’ – Stephen McLeod
Translating Kripke’s Pierre – Cristian Constantinescu
On the Curry-Lob paradox – Alex Blum
Announcement and call for papers: new journal in the philosophy of science and epistemology – Steffen Ducheyne
Dynamics of Knowledge and Belief, 10 September 2007 – Christoph Beierle & Gabriele Fern-Isberner
Normative concepts, 21-22 September 2007 – Reto Givel
ICAPS 2007: Artificial Intelligence Planning and Learning, 22 September – Ugur Kuter
ICAPS 2007: Planning and Games, 23 September – Carlos Linares
Spring Bayes, 26-28 September – Kerrie Mengersen, Mark Griffin, Kate Lee, Chris Oldmeadow & Matt Falk
Models and simulations 2, 11-13 October – Julian Reiss & Marion Vorms
Reason, Intuition, Objects: the epistemology and ontology of logic, 13 October – Amanda Hicks & Andrew Spear

Volume 1, Number 6: October 2007

Editorial – Jon Williamson
Interview with Colin Howson – Jon Williamson
Why we shouldn’t fault Lucas and Penrose for continuing to believe in the Godelian argument against computationalism I – Bhupinder Singh Anand
There is no question about it! – Barry Hartley Slater
Can, the Principle of Relevant Alternatives, and Moral Responsibility – John K. Alexander
Referential Usage and Godelian Completions – Francesco Pupa
Report on the Programme: Bayesian Nonparametric Regression, Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge, 30 July – 24 August 2007 – Stephen Walker
Progic 2007: the Third Workshop on Combining Probability and Logic, University of Kent, Canterbury, 5–7 September 2007 – Jan-Willem Romeijn
Mechanisms and causality – Phyllis McKay

Volume 1, Number 5: September 2007

Editorial – Eric Pacuit
Interview with Rohit Parikh – Eric Pacuit
Kripke, Pierre and Constantinescu – Laurence Goldstein
The Mechanist’s Challenge. Did we really hope to get away with The Gödelian Argument? – Bhupinder Singh Anand
Does conceivability entail possibility? – Clayton Littlejohn
A note on conceivability – Roger Harris
On the Paradox of Rationality’s Rationality – Nader N. Chokr
Abstraction vs. Idealization – Steffen Ducheyne
Is the Answer to this Question No? Semantic Paradoxes for Questions and Imperatives – Martin Mose Bentzen
The Divine Liar Resurfaces – Daniel J. Hill
New Centre for Reasoning at Kent – Jon Williamson

Volume 1, Number 4: August 2007

Editorial – David Corfield
Interview with Brendan Larvor – David Corfield
Conceivability, Possibility, and Counterexamples – Anand Jayprakash Vaidya
A Counterfactual Account of Essence – Berit Brogaard, Joe Salerno
Knowledge, Truth and Justification in Legal Fact Finding – Déirdre M. Dwyer
The Principle of Agreement – John L. Pollock
A Note on Kripke’s Puzzle about Belief – Cristian Constantinescu

Volume 1, Number 3: July 2007

Editorial – Federica Russo
Pierre may be ignorant, but he’s not irrational – Jesse Steinberg
Free Will and Lucky Decisions – Gerald K. Harrison
United States v. Shonubi: Statistical Evidence and ‘The Same Course of Conduct’ Rule – Amit Pundik
Williamson on Counterpossibles – Berit Brogaard, Joe Salerno
Mathematical Blogging – David Corfield
Does direct inference require Pollock’s Principle of Agreement? – Stephen Fogdall
The Pirahã language, the language template, and the mind – William L. Abler
Evidence in Medical Decision-Making – Federica Russo
Contingency in Science: Its Origins and Outcomes – Damien Fennell
Formal Epistemology Workshop, Carnegie Mellon University, May 31 – June 3, 2007 – Jan-Willem Romeijn

Volume 1, Number 2: June 2007

Editorial – Jon Williamson
Causal models in cognition – David Lagnado
Probability and logic – Barry Hartley Slater
R v Adams and the conclusiveness of DNA evidence – Amit Pundik
The Epistemic Basis of Legal Fact-finding – Hock Lai Ho
Why the substitution of co-referential expressions in a statement may result in change of truth-value (concluding part) – Laurence Goldstein
A counter on counterpossibles – Alan Baker
Pluralism about the justification of learning algorithms – David Corfield
The wings are not on fire (How to turn contraposition upside down) – Jean-François Bonnefon, Gaëlle Villejoubert
Reasoning about probabilities and probabilistic reasoning – Eric Pacuit
Workshop ‘Methodological Problems of the Social Sciences’, Tilburg Institute for Logic and Philosophy
of Science, May 7, 2007 – Jan-Willem Romeijn

Volume 1, Number 1: May 2007

Editorial – Jon Williamson
Why the substitution of co-referential expressions in a statement may result in change of truth-value – Laurence Goldstein
Humanists and Scientists – Gregory Wheeler
The Case of Sally Clark: Some Thoughts on Probability, Law and their Intersection – Amit Pundik
Why Counterpossibles are Non-Trivial – Berit Brogaard, Joe Salerno