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Current collaborations

Theoretical reasoning research cluster

  • Researchers with a shared interest in the epistemology and methodology of current science, mathematics and medicine.
  • More information.

Homotopy type theory

  • Involving researchers in Philosophy and Computer Science.
  • Contact David Corfield d.corfield@kent.ac.uk for more information.

Objective Bayesianism

  • Jon Williamson (Philosophy) and Fabrizio Leisen and Cristiano Villa (Statistics)
  • Contact Jon Williamson j.williamson@kent.ac.uk for more information.

Health methodology group

Research projects

Causal reasoning

Classification and data mining

Contextual reasoning

  • Exploitation of Context in Communication (Leverhulme 2008-12)

Game-theoretic reasoning

  • Reasoning in Coordination Games (Centre for Reasoning 2009-11)

Logical reasoning

Mathematical reasoning

  • A Dialogue on Infinity (Templeton Foundation 2008-10)


  • Coalition Governance in Germany: Strategic Behaviour in a Multi-Level Setting

Probabilistic reasoning