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The Reasoner: volume 6

Volume 6, Number 12: December 2012
Volume 6, Number 12 (optimised for screen readers)

Editorial – Luis Estrada-Gonzalez
Interview with Atocha Aliseda – Luis Estrada-Gonzalez
Reasoning without Contradiction – Laurence Goldstein
The Unsatisfied Paradox – Peter Eldridge-Smith
Causality, Probability, and Time – Samantha Kleinberg
Debate Dynamics: How Controversy Improves Our Beliefs – Gregor Betz
Computational Models of Argument, 10–12 September – Katarina Jurik
Formal Ethics, 11–13 October – Sebastian Hengst
What If? 25–27 October – Johannes V. Schmitt
Logic and Rational Interaction – Dominik Klein
Uncertain Reasoning – Hykel Hosni
Managing Severe Uncertainty – Richard Bradley

Volume 6, Number 11: November 2012
Volume 6, Number 11 (optimised for screen readers)

Editorial – Eva Morre
Interview with Peter Klein – Eva Morre
Intuition Mongering – Moti Mizrahi
Resolving an Inconsistent Triad Concerning Socrates on Harm and Wrongdoing – D. Kenneth Brown
Semantics and Pragmatics of Ceteris Paribus Conditions, 28–29 June – Matthias Unterhuber & Alexander Reutlinger
Inductive Logic, 12–13 September – Juergen Landes
Formal Methods in Argument Reconstruction, 20–21 September – Gregor Betz, Georg Brun & Frank Zenker
Philosophical Issues in Belief Revision, Conditional Logic and Possible Worlds Semantics, 21–22 September – Matthias Unterhuber
The Communication of Certainty and Uncertainty, 3–5 October – Andrzej Zuczkowski, Ilaria Riccioni, Ramona Bongelli & Carla Canestrari
Inferentialism in the Philosophy of Language, Mind and Action, 3–5 October – Javier Gonzalez de Prado Salas
Logic and Rational Interaction – Dominik Klein
Uncertain Reasoning – Hykel Hosni
Inductive Logic – Jon Williamson
Counterfactual Causality in Population Sciences – Daniel Courgeau

Volume 6, Number 10: October 2012
Volume 6, Number 10 (optimised for screen readers)

Editorial – Maria Jose Garcıa-Encinas
Interview with Rani Anjum & Stephen Mumford – Maria Jose Garcıa-Encinas
On Linnebo’s Well-Foundedness Requirement – Laureano Luna
The Problem with Fitch – Hartley Slater
Logica, 18–22 June – Vıt Puncochar
Rationality Frameworks for Conditionals, 17 August – Niki Pfeifer
Frontiers of Rationality and Decision, 29–31 August – Ronnie Hermens & Patryk Dziurosz-Serafinowicz
Evidence and Causality in the Sciences, 5–7 September – Michael Wilde
UK Experimental Philosophy Group, 8–9 September – Bryony Pierce
Salzburg Conference for Young Analytic Philosophy, 13–15 September – Karine Fradet & Seraphin A. Frimmer
Logic and Rational Interaction – Dominik Klein
Uncertain Reasoning – Hykel Hosni

Volume 6, Number 9: September 2012
Volume 6, Number 9 (optimised for screen readers)

Editorial – David Corfield
Interview with Urs Schreiber – David Corfield
Personal taste ascriptions and the Sententiality assumption – Franck Lihoreau
Why We Should Not Be Surprised By the Knobe Effect – John Alexander
Probability and social sciences – Daniel Courgeau
Applied Science, 2-13 July – Laszlo Kosolosky, Lynn Badia & Rodolfo Hernandez
Agent-Based Modelling and Simulation, 9-12 July – Kevin B. Korb
Paradox and Logical Revision, 23-25 July – Massimiliano Carrara, Ole T. Hjortland & Julien Murzi
Logic and Rational Interaction – Dominik Klein
Uncertain Reasoning – Hykel Hosni

Volume 6, Number 8: August 2012
Volume 6, Number 8 (optimised for screen readers)

Editorial – Jon Williamson
Two Gaps in the Contextual Theory of Scientific Understanding – Erik Weber
What’s the Use of Utility Monsters? – Tobias Hainz
Italian Convention on Computational Logic, 6-7 June – Francesca A. Lisi
Models and Simulations 5, 14-16 June – Paivi Seppala & Tarja Knuuttila
Decisions, Games & Logic, 28-30 June – Karine Fradet & Seraphin A. Frimmer
Logic and Rational Interaction – Dominik Klein
Uncertain Reasoning – Hykel Hosni

Volume 6, Number 7: July 2012
Volume 6, Number 7 (optimised for screen readers)

Editorial – Catarina Dutilh Novaes
Interview with Keith Stenning – Catarina Dutilh Novaes
More Right Squares – Hartley Slater
A Hypodox! A Hypodox! A Disingenuous Hypodox! – Peter Eldridge-Smith
Agent-Based Modeling in Philosophy, 15-19 May – Rogier de Langhe
Reasons and Rationality, 20-22 May – John Brunero, Eric Wiland & Charlie Kurth
Experts and Consensus in Economics and the Social Sciences, 25-26 May – Laszlo Kosolosky & Carlo Martini
A Priori Justification, 16-17 June – Elia Zardini
Logic and Rational Interaction – Dominik Klein
Uncertain Reasoning – Hykel Hosni

Volume 6, Number 6: June 2012
Volume 6, Number 6 (optimised for screen readers)

Editorial: Much ado about nothing – Mary Leng
Interview with Jody Azzouni – Mary Leng
Truth and Success, Again: Reply to Held on Generalist versus Particularist (Anti-)Realism – Matteo Morganti
The Right Squares – Hartley Slater
Sellars at 100: ‘2No Intellectual Holds Barred” on Kant, Science, and Sensibility – James R. O’Shea
Midwest Workshop in the Philosophy of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, 13–14 April – Bernd Buldt & Ioan Muntean
The Progress of Science, 25-27 April – Jan Sprenger
Expressivism and Epistemic Normativity, 9-10 May – Anne Coubray
Logic and Rational Interaction – Dominik Klein
Uncertain Reasoning – Hykel Hosni

Volume 6, Number 5: May 2012
Volume 6, Number 5 (optimised for screen readers)

Editorial – Amirouche Moktefi
Interview with Ivor Grattan-Guinness – Amirouche Moktefi
Induction and Supposition – Brian Weatherson
Lucky Decisions: A Reply to Marouf – Gerald Harrison
Axiomatic vs Semantic Truth, 14-16 March – Martin Fischer & Julien Murzi
Conference on Integrated History and Philosophy of Science, 15-18 March – Theodore Arabatzis
Empirical Philosophy of Science, 21-23 March – Hanne Andersen & Susann Wagenknecht
Dynamics of Argumentation, Rules and Conditionals, 2-3 April – Tjitze Rienstra
British Colloquium for Theoretical Computer Science, 2-5 April – Ian Pratt-Hartmann
PhDs in Logic IV, 12-13 April – Mathieu Beirlaen & Tjerk Gauderis
Logic and Rational Interaction – Dominik Klein
Uncertain Reasoning – Hykel Hosni

Volume 6, Number 4: April 2012
Volume 6, Number 4 (optimised for screen readers)

Editorial – Caterina Marchionni
Interview with Interview with Raul Hakli, Uskali Maki & Petri Ylikoski – Caterina Marchionni
A purely epistemological version of Fitch’s Paradox – Samuel A. Alexander
Two Problems for the Contextual Theory of Scientific Understanding – Erik Weber
Natural Information, 13 February – Ulrich Stegmann
Perspectives on Structuralism, 16-18 February – Frank Zenker & Holger Andreas
Laws and Chances, 5 March – Alexander Reutlinger
Disposition, Causes, Modality, 7-9 March – Alexander Reutlinger
Graduate Conference in Philosophy of Science, 8-9 March – Francois Claveau
Graduate Conference of the Vienna Forum for Analytic Philosophy, 9-11 March – Leo Stadlmuller & Sebastian Kletzl
Uncertain Reasoning – Hykel Hosni

Volume 6, Number 3: March 2012
Volume 6, Number 3 (optimised for screen readers)

Editorial – Sabina Leonelli & Ann-Sophie Barwich
Interview with Giovanna Colombetti – Jo Donaghy & Sabina Leonelli
Repeated St Petersburg Two-Envelope Trials and Expected Value – Jeremy Gwiazda
An argument for not equating confirmation and explanatory power – Vincenzo Crupi
New book: The Limits of the Self: Immunology and Biological Identity – Thomas Pradeau
Ceteris paribus Laws and Reasoning, 4-5 November – Carlo Proietti
Causality and Mechanisms in Philosophy of Science, 24-25 November – Raphael Scholl
Probability and Statistics in Physics, 16 December – Inaki San Pedro & Fernanda Samaniego
Perspectivalism Workshop, 19-20 January – Jorn Wustenberg
Mathematical Philosophy – Jeff Ketland
Uncertain Reasoning – Hykel Hosni

Volume 6, Number 2: February 2012
Volume 6, Number 2 (optimised for screen readers)

Editorial – Federica Russo
Interview with Robert Frodeman – Federica Russo
A Particularist Defence of Scientific Realism? Reply to Morganti – Carsten Held
The Impossibility of Lucky Agents: A response to Gerald K. Harrison’s Free Will and Lucky Decisions – Habeeb Marouf
The Collective Dimension of Science, 8–10 December – Thomas Boyer
Mid-Atlantic Mathematical Logic Seminar, 13–15 January – Robert Lubarsky
Logic and Rational Interaction – Ben Rodenhauser
Uncertain Reasoning – Hykel Hosni

Volume 6, Number 1: January 2012
Volume 6, Number 1 (optimised for screen readers)

Editorial – Elpida Tzafestas
Interview with Jacques Pitrat and Aaron Sloman – Elpida Tzafestas
Frege’s Puzzle from a Model-Based Point of View – Karlis Podnieks
Games and the Reason-Knowledge Principle – Brian Weatherson
History and Philosophy of Computing, 7–10 November – Liesbeth de Mol & Giuseppe Primiero
Workshop on Semantics, Pragmatics and Rhetoric, 9–11 November – Maria Ponte
Explanation, Causality, and Unification, 11–12 November – Gerhard Schurz & Alexander Gebharter
Workshop in Social Epistemology, 8–9 December – Frank Zenker
Uncertain Reasoning – Hykel Hosni