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The Reasoner: volume 3

Volume 3, Number 12: December 2009
Volume 3, Number 12 (optimised for screen readers)

Editorial – Fenrong Liu
Interview with Johan van Benthem – Fenrong Liu
Does Possible Worlds Semantics Make Sense? – Anand Jayprakash Vaidya
Universal Logic: Understanding the Many Ways of Reasoning – Jean-Yves Beziau
The Transatlantic. Journal of Economics and Philosophy – The Transatlantic Team
Research Project in Paris and Konstanz – Isabelle Drouet
Joint Attention: Developments in Developmental and Comparative Psychology, Philosophy of Mind, and Social Neuroscience, 1–4 October – Axel Seemann
The Background of Institutional Reality, 16-17 October – Trevor Wedman
Rational Consensus in Science and Society, 20 October – LSE Choice Group
European Philosophy of Science Association, 21-24 October – Samir Okasha
Probability, Uncertainty and Rationality, 1-3 November 2009 and Logical Foundations of Rational Interaction, 4 November 2009 – Hykel Hosni
Formal Methods, 2-6 November – Ana Cavalcanti & Dennis Dams
Epistemology of Perception, 12-13 November – Pascal Engel
Methods for Modalities, 12-14 November – Jens Ulrik Hansen
Logic and Rational Interaction – Olivier Roy
Formal Epistemology – Sebastian Sequoiah-Grayson
Logic and Games – Conrad Heilmann
Alfred North Whitehead – Ben Curtis

Volume 3, Number 11: November 2009
Volume 3, Number 11 (optimised for screen readers)

Editorial – Katie Steele
Interview with Richard Bradley – Katie Steele
To follow the argument wherever it leads – Danny Frederick
Presuppositions and truth relevance – X.Y. Newberry
Some new propositional inferences – Hartley Slater
Argentine Symposium on Artificial Intelligence, 24-25 August – Luis Berdun & Facundo Bromberg
Agency and Control: Philosophical and Psychological Aspects, 7 September – Dorothee Horstkotter
Mechanisms and Causality in the Sciences, 9-11 September – Attilia Ruzzene
Metacognition, Belief Change and Conditionals, 11-12 September – Simone Duca
The New Ontology of the Mental Causation Debate, 14-16 September – Valdi Ingthorsson
Combining Probability and Logic, 17-19 September – Jan-Willem Romeijn & Olivier Roy
Evolution, Cooperation \& Rationality, 18-20 September – Jonathan Grose and Cedric Paternotte
Cognitive Approaches to Philosophy of Science and Technology, 28-29 September – Raoul Gervais
Australasian Society for Cognitive Science, 30 September – 2 October – John Sutton
Logic and Rational Interaction – Olivier Roy
Computability and Logic by G.S. Boolos and R.C. Jeffrey – Apostolos Syropoulos
Logic vs linguistics – Alan Brown

Volume 3, Number 10: October 2009

Editorial – Bert Leuridan
Interview with Sandra Mitchell – Bert Leuridan
Justification of Strawson’s Theory of Presuppositions – X.Y. Newberry
What Simulations Can’t Do: Reply to Fonseca and Gartner – Erich Rast
Memory and Self-Understanding: Self-Concept – Self-Image – Self-Deception, 3-5 June – Albert Newen
Mal’tsev Meeting, 24-28 August – Aleksandr Kravchenko & Marina Semenova
Practice-based Philosophy of Logic and Mathematics, 31 August – 2 September – Catarina Dutilh Novaes
Metaphysics of Science, 12-14 September – Stephen Mumford
Reductionism, Explanation, and Metaphors in the Philosophy of Mind, 17-18 September – Albert Newen & Raphael van Riel
Logic and Rational Interaction – Olivier Roy
Abelard – Matteo Morganti
A system of logic – Jean-Marie Chevalier

Volume 3, Number 9: September 2009
Volume 3, Number 9 (optimised for screen readers)

Editorial – Gustavo Cevolani
Interview with Theo Kuipers – Gustavo Cevolani
Can Nature Make an Argument? – Leon Niemoczynski
Wavering about Logic – Hartley Slater
The Consilience of Complex Evidence – Susan Haack
The Relativity of the Identity of the Self – Joao Fonseca & Klaus Gartner
Controlled Natural Language, 8-10 June – Norbert E. Fuchs
Logica, 22–26 June – Igor Sedlar and Juraj Podrouzek
European Computing and Philosophy, 2-4 July – Gordana Dodig Crnkovic
Intelligent Computer Mathematics, 5-12 July – Lucas Dixon
The Metaphysics of Consciousness, 7-9 July – Pierfrancesco Basile, Jesper Kallestrup, Julian Kiverstein, Leemon McHenry and Pauline Phemister
Automated Reasoning about Context and Ontology Evolution, 11-12 July – Alan Bundy, Jos Lehmann, Guilin Qi and Ivan Jose Varzinczak
Logical Methods for Social Concepts, 20-24 July – Andreas Herzig & Emiliano Lorini
International Conference on Biomedical Ontology, 24-26 July – Albert Goldfain
Meaning, Understanding and Knowledge, 7-9 August – Douglas Patterson
Responsible Belief in the Face of Disagreement, 18-20 August – Rik Peels
Logic and Rational Interaction – Rasmus K. Rendsvig
Intuitionism – Julien Murzi
Lewis Carroll – Amirouche Moktefi

Volume 3, Number 8: August 2009
Volume 3, Number 8 (optimised for screen readers)

Editorial – Matteo Morganti
Interview with Wolfgang Spohn – Matteo Morganti
Book: Argumentation in Artificial Intelligence – Iyad Rahwan
Journal: Dialogue and Discourse – David Schlangen
Conditionals, 11 May – Matthias Unterhuber
Argument cultures, 3-6 June – Hans V. Hansen, Christopher W. Tindale, J. Anthony Blair & Ralph H. Johnson
Aim of belief, 11-13 June – Timothy Chan
Arche Scepticism Conference, 13-14 June – Dylan Dodd
Non-classical Mathematics, 18-22 June – Petr Cintula & Greg Restall
Consciousness and the Self, 25 June – Mary Leng and Stephen McLeod
Strategies-I, 26 June – Soumya Paul
Multiplicity and Unification in Statistics and Probability, 25-26 June – Sami Stouli
Knowledge Discovery from Uncertain Data, 28 June – Ming Hua
Two Streams in the Philosophy of Mathematics: Rival Conceptions of Mathematical Proof, 1-3 July – Brendan Larvor
European Epistemology Network, 4-5 July – Christoph Kelp
Beyond Classical Bayesian Estimation Theory, 6-9 July – Vesa Klumpp & Uwe D. Hanebeck
Converging Technologies, Changing Societies, 7-10 July – Katinka Waelbers
Imprecise Probability: Theories and Applications, 14-18 July – Matthias Troffaes & Frank Coolen
Logic and Rational Interaction – Olivier Roy
Chrysippus – Andrew Aberdein
Logical Foundations of Probability, Rudolf Carnap – Jan-Willem Romeijn

Volume 3, Number 7: July 2009
Volume 3, Number 7 (optimised for screen readers)

Editorial – Jan Sprenger
Interview with Mark Colyvan – Jan Sprenger
On the Logico-Conceptual Foundations of Information Theory in Partition Logic – David Ellerman
A note on formal reasoning with extensible domains – Laureano Luna
Reasoning about De re Modality – Anand Jayprakash Vaidya
Inconsistent logics! Incoherent logics? – Fabien Schang
European Journal for Philosophy of Science – Stathis Psillos
Journal of Formalized Reasoning – Andrea Asperti
Understanding human nature. Biological explanations and beyond, 11 May – Erik Myin and Willem Lemmens
Benelearn, 18–19 May – Menno van Zaanen, Herman Stehouwer and Marieke van Erp
Preference Change Workshop, 28-30 May – Franz Dietrich, Conrad Heilmann and Christian List
Philosophy of Probability II, 8-9 June – Foad Dizadji-Bahmani and Conrad Heilmann
Formal Methods in the Epistemology of Religion, 10-12 June – Carlo Martini
Vagueness: Predication and Truth, 12-13 June – Paloma Perez-Ilzarbe
North American Computing and Philosophy, 14-16 June – Don Berkich
North American Fuzzy Information Processing Society, 14-17 June – Anca Ralescu, Asli Celikyilmaz, Atsushi Inoue and Vladik Kreinovich
Decisions, Games and Logic, June 15-17 – Olivier Roy and Conrad Heilmann
Formal Epistemology – Sebastian Sequoiah-Grayson
Logic and Rational Interaction – Olivier Roy
Hilbert’s Programme – Dawn Holmes

Volume 3, Number 6: June 2009
Volume 3, Number 6 (optimised for screen readers)

Editorial – Sebastian Sequoiah-Grayson
Interview with Igor Douven – Sebastian Sequoiah-Grayson
Bogus singular terms and substitution salva denotatione – Rafal Urbaniak
Towards a Model-Based Model of Cognition – Karlis Podnieks
How Should Research be Organised? – Donald Gillies
Journal of Argument & Computation – Iyad Rahwan
Konstanz-Leuven Series in Formal Epistemology, 6 April – Benjamin Hoffmann & Alexandra Zinke
Games, Argumentation and Logic Programming, 23–24 April – Davide Grossi
Philosophical Methodology, 25–27 April – Yuri Cath
Scientific Realism Revisited, 28–29 April – Sophia Efstathiou
Putting Causation in Context: Causes and Effects in Law and Philosophy, 1 May – Amit Pundik
ACL2 Theorem Prover and Its Applications, 11–12 May – Sandip Ray
Philosophy of Language and Linguistics, 14–16 May – Piotr Stalmaszczyk
Formal Epistemology – Sebastian Sequoiah-Grayson
Logic and Rational Interaction – Olivier Roy
Begriffsschrift – Michael Beaney
Semantics – Katalin Bimbo

Volume 3, Number 5: May 2009
Volume 3, Number 5 (optimised for screen readers)

Editorial – Federica Russo
Interview with Luciano Floridi – Federica Russo
Doxastic synonymy vs. logical equivalence – Rafal Urbaniak
Godel and the Material Conditional – Alex Blum
Divine Liars: The Answer – X.Y. Newberry
Choice & Inference – Jonah Schupbach
Models and Fiction, 12–13 March – Adam Toon
Evidence, Science and Public Policy, 26–28 March – Jan Sprenger
Computational Linguistic Aspects of Grammatical Inference, 30–31 March – Menno van Zaanen & Colin de la Higuera
Sparsity in Machine Learning and Statistics, 1–3 April – Sofia Olhede, Massimiliano Pontil & John Shawe-Taylor
Formal epistemology – Sebastian Sequoiah-Grayson
Logic and Rational Interaction – Olivier Roy
Theory of Argumentation – Andrew Aberdein
Brouwer’s Programme – Mark van Atten

Volume 3, Number 4: April 2009
Volume 3, Number 4 (optimised for screen readers)

Editorial – Dawn E. Holmes
Interview with Keith Devlin – Dawn E. Holmes
Slingshot arguments: two versions – Rafal Urbaniak
The Logic of Causal and Probabilistic Reasoning in Uncertain Environments, 19–23 February – Niki Pfeifer, Andy Fugard & Gernot D. Kleiter
PhD’s in Logic, 19–20 February – Stefan Wintein & Rafal Urbaniak
Formal epistemology – Sebastian Sequoiah-Grayson
Logic and Rational Interaction – Olivier Roy
Proof Theory – Francesca Poggiolesi

Volume 3, Number 3: March 2009
Volume 3, Number 3 (optimised for screen readers)

Editorial – Gabriella Pigozzi
Interview with John Woods – Gabriella Pigozzi
Internet, page ranking, and Sorites-like reasonings – Jean Paul Van Bendegem
Sentences and Propositions – Hartley Slater
Divine liars: a question – Martin Cooke
On Omnipotence: Second Thoughts – Alex Blum
Logical Relations between Sensation and Belief – Jeffrey Helzner
More Precisely: The Math You Need to Do Philosophy, Broadview Press – Eric Steinhart
Disability and Chronic Illness, 30 January – Havi Carel
Philosophy, Engineering and Technoethics, 6–8 February – Viorel Guliciuc
David Hilbert – Russell Marcus

Volume 3, Number 2: February 2009
Volume 3, Number 2 (optimised for screen readers)

Editorial – Julian Reiss
Interview with Kevin Korb – Julian Reiss
Representational reasoning: a preliminary sketch – Robin Cameron
Omnipotence and Contradiction – Benjamin Schnieder
Rejoinder to Majid Amini on Omnipotence – Alex Blum
Divine liars: the devil’s in the details – Martin Cooke
Divine liars – X.Y. Newberry
A Priori Claims, Self-Evidence, and Moral Naturalism – Christopher M. Caldwell
Geneva workshop on Neglected Diseases, 8-9 December 2008 – Julian Reiss, Linsey McGoey & Ayo Wahlberg
3rd Indian Conference on Logic and its Applications, 7-11 January – Sujata Ghosh
LOGOS Workshop on Singular Thought, 16-17 January – Fiora Salis
Blaise Pascal – Jean-Louis Hudry
Euler diagrams – Andrew Aberdein

Volume 3, Number 1: January 2009
Volume 3, Number 1 (optimised for screen readers)

Editorial – Phyllis McKay
Interview with Samir Okasha – Phyllis McKay
Supposed Liars, Divine Liars and Semantics – Hartley Slater
Is Scientific Modeling an Indirect Methodology? – Karlis Podnieks
The Red Herring of Logical Impossibility: Blum on the Immovable Stone – Majid Amini
Neuroeconomics: Hype or Hope, 20-22 November – Jaakko Kuorikoski
Inference, Consequence, and Meaning, 3-4 December – Lilia Gurova
The Identity of the Indiscernibles – Matteo Morganti
Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz – Marco Sgarbi