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Forum 1 – March 2019: Grammar

Contextualising grammar: when in Rome… (PowerPoint Document)

The use of ICTs to teach grammar (PowerPoint Document)

The potentials of learning posters to facilitate grammar instruction (PDF document)

When should the grammatical rule be shown to the students? (PowerPoint Document)

Forum 2 – October 2019: Speaking

Barfing at the Wrong Tree – A Comical Approach to Pronunciation (PowerPoint)

How to deal with lack of confidence in speech (PowerPoint)

Promoting communication in mixed ability classrooms: a ludological approach (PowerPoint)

Spatiality and Oral Skills (PowerPoint)

Willingness to communicate in a foreign language (PowerPoint)

Forum 3 – May 2020: Distance learning in modern languages

A full recording of the event is available via YouTube.

“Get Me Out Of Here…!” – Designing Online Escape Games For Language Learning (PowerPoint)

Screencasts As An Example For Creative Learning Methods In Times Of Social Distancing (PowerPoint)

Communication and sense of community in the virtual language classroom (PowerPoint)

Scorci Italiani: a learning environment for Italian as L2 (PowerPoint)

Telecollaboration class: immersion into language through a screen

Overcoming the Challenges of Teaching Listening Comprehension in Distance Foreign Language Learning

From the Classroom to the Virtual Room: Teaching and Learning English at University during the Coronavirus Outbreak

Shared online teaching resources (Google Doc) and additional suggested resources(PDF)