Patients, carers, the public and research

Research is vital to the whole population’s health and wellbeing. It asks questions to generate knowledge and evidence to inform policymakers making decisions about our health services and care, at local, regional and Government level. Today’s research is tomorrow’s treatment and services. CHSS actively involves and engages with patients, carers and the public at all stages of our research and activities, as part of the University of Kent Public Engagement (Research) strategy. We connect with our local communities through press and media activity, open events/lectures, Twitter and our CHSS and PPI Newsletters.

What is health and care research?

We conduct research in daily life to inform our understanding before making a decision. Health and care research is the same; it seeks answers to questions about the best options available and uses them to make decisions about improvements or changes which:

  • diagnose diseases earlier or more accurately
  • provide life-changing treatments
  • prevent people from developing conditions
  • improve health and care for generations to come
  • ensure everyone has a better quality of life.

To see the wide range of projects CHSS are currently involved in, go to our current research page.

Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement in Research

Patients or carers with direct experience of a condition or using a service can offer expertise and knowledge to researchers and clinicians working in health research. This invaluable input helps to shape research that is relevant to end users.

CHSS PPIE Strategy

Since 2016, we have hosted a vibrant, active CHSS Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement (PPIE) Group, Opening Doors to Research.’  

The guiding principles of our CHSS PPIE Strategy 2020-24 below, inform the work we do to embed involvement and engagement at every stage of planning and carrying out our research.

Read our PPI Newsletter

If you would like to know more about our PPIE work, contact us at our dedicated mailbox:

There is lots of information about research and the public on the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) website.

You can also watch a short NIHR film How research contributes to our NHS