Overview of CHSS projects

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Engaging underserved communities in Kent

A series of research projects engaging members of several underserved communities in Kent and bringing together three key partners in mental health research

Randomised controlled trial of a trauma-informed intervention within Bridgend Youth Children Services

Evaluating ‘Relationship Building Together’ intervention for young people who have experienced childhood trauma

Mental health research in the Punjab: Combining anthropology and psychiatry

Kent professors collaborate with researchers in the Punjab


The INTERACT project is engaging with members of Kent communities around the future of mental healthcare and research, to help better understand the mental health needs of local, underprivileged communities

Medway Health Determinants Research Collaboration

Co-creating, embedding and acting on research evidence to reduce health inequalities - major NIHR-funded collaboration

Kent Research Partnership

A four-year project co-led by University of Kent and Kent County Council and funded by the National Institute of Health and Care Research (NIHR)


£4.6m award by National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) for global health programme ECLIPSE to investigate the social impact of tropical disease leishmaniasis

Health Behaviour of School Aged Children (HBSC)

HBSC is the longest running international study of the health behaviour and social context of young people

Adult Social Care Workforce Employee Survey

New survey examines work-related quality of life of people who work in adult social care

The DESCALE study

DE-eECALation of opioids post-surgical dischargE - The role of clinical pharmacists in reducing opioid dependence at the interface between hospital and primary care

Hospice at Home Toolkit

Designing, piloting and evaluating interactive online toolkit to optimise Hospice at Home care delivery

Developing resources and minimum data set for Care Homes’ Adoption study (DACHA)

DACHA aims to explore and enhance the sharing of care and quality of life data between health and social care organisations working with care homes