STEM for Britain 2019

The AOG, and the University, were represented in the 2019 edition of the “STEM for Britain” poster competition and exhibition. This event, held annually at the House of Commons, aims to encourage, support and promote Britain’s early-stage and early-career researchers. The 2019 edition took place on Wednesday, 13th of March, at Porticullis House, adjacent to the Palace of Westminster in London.

Dr Manuel Marques’ research on endoscopic probes for lung imaging, carried out under the REBOT project (Robotic Endobronchial Optical Tomography, with Profs Adrian Podoleanu and Guang-Zhong Yang as PIs, and Dr Mike Hughes and Dr Adrian Bradu as researcher co-investigators), was shortlisted to be presented at the event in the Engineering session. The poster attracted some attention, and even a visit by Rosie Duffield MP, representing the Canterbury & Whitstable constituency in which the University is based. Rosie seemed very interested in some of the medical instrumentation research carried out at the AOG, and an invite to visit the AOG labs was promptly issued – looking forward to a future visit!