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The reading group examines a range of inter-disciplinary texts on Anglican history and theology.

This page presents the reading texts and a short comment by the respective reading group chair for each monthly text. The aim is to provide an insight into the reading group discussion and questions, rather than a formal book review. For previous reading group texts and comments see the academic year links above and for current reading group texts, see the Events, Reading Group link.

Autumn 2022

Monday 3 October

Defenders of the Faith: The British Monarchy, Religion and the Next Coronation Catherine Pepinster (Hodder & Stoughton, 2022)

(Chair: Professor Jeremy Carrette & Professor Kenneth Fincham)


Monday 7 November

Milton, England’s Second Reformation

(Chair: Professor Kenneth Fincham)


Monday 5 December

Education of the Anglican clergy, then and now  

(Chair: Dr Andrew Foster & Perry Butler)


Spring 2023

Monday 6 February

Twentieth Century Anglican Theologians Ed. Burns, Cones & Tengatenga (Wiley, 2021).

(Chair: Professor Jeremy Carrette)

March and April to be confirmed.

Summer 2023

June – text to be confirmed