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Centre for Anglican History and Theology


Autumn 2021

12.00-13.30, first Monday of the month during the semester period.

Autumn Reading Group focus on the multi-volume The Oxford History of Anglicanism

Monday 4 October: Selection from The Oxford History of Anglicanism Volume I and II: (Chair: Kenneth Fincham)

Monday 1 November: Selection from The Oxford History of Anglicanism Volume III: (Chair: Ralph Norman)

Monday 6 December: Selection from The Oxford History of Anglicanism Volume IV and V: Volume IV: chapter 5 William Sachs ‘Sexuality and Anglicanism’ and chapter 8 Sarah Stockwell ‘Anglicanism in the Era of Decolonization’ and Volume V chapter 1 Jeffery Cox ‘The Dialectics of Empire, Race and Diocese’ (Chair: Jeremy Carrette)

Spring 2022

Monday 7 February: The Church of England in the 1650s (Chair: Rebecca Warren)

Monday 7 March: Disciplines of History and Theology (Chair: Philip Boobbyer)

Monday 4 April: Anglicans and Music (Chair: Jonathan Arnold)

Summer 2022

Monday 6th June: 19th Century Anglican Thought and Idealism (Chair: Ralph Norman)


Autumn 2021

Wednesday 20 October, 17.00: Dr Haig Smith, ‘Evangelism and commerce in the 17th century’

Wednesday 17 November, 17.00: Inaugural Lecture for the Centre for Anglican History and Theology, Professor Diarmaid MacCulloch FBA, ‘Right in front of our eyes: the English Reformation viewed afresh’ in Grimond Lecture Theatre 1

Spring 2022

Wednesday 16 February 17.00: Inaugural Annual Lecture in Ecclesiastical History, Dr Andrew Foster ‘In Praise of Ecclesiastical History’.

Summer 2022

Tuesday 10th May Online Lecture: 17.00-18.30

The Oxford Movement versus the Abolitionist Movement: John Henry Newman and Henry Edward Manning on Slavery  Benjamin King, Professor of Christian History, School of Theology, University of the South, Sewanee, Tennessee, USA. 

May-June: ‘Justice in the Cathedral: past and present’, Joint Event with Canterbury Cathedral, Details forthcoming.

Saturday 12 March 2022: 80th Anniversary Conference on William Temple’s Christianity and Social Order (1942), co-hosted with the William Temple Foundation.

Saturday 21 May 2022: day conference on Contesting the Church in England 1640-70.
Organisers: Professor Kenneth Fincham, Dr Andrew Foster, Dr Fiona McCall and Dr Rebecca Warren.