Centre for the study of social and political movements

Recent PhDs include:

  • Clare Saunders – Dynamics of interaction in London’s local environmental networks
  • Baris Baykan – The ‘Big Tomato’ anti-GM campaign in Turkey.
  • Stephan Price – How the environmental movement influenced climate change debates and action in Britain between 1987 and 2008.
  • Matthew Ogilvie – Mobilising opposition to wind farms: a social movement perspective.
  • Steven Hendry – It’s what we do: Notions of effectiveness in local environmental groups
  • Eugene Nulman – The Policy Impact of Climate Change Activism in the UK – PhD 2014.
  • Nikos Sotirakopoulos – The influence of lifestyle anarchism on radical grassroots movements: the case of the protest camps.
  • Emmanuel Nii Noi Osuteye – Environmentalism in Ghana: the rise of environmental consciousness and movements for nature protection.
  • Pranav Bihari – Encouraging Environmentally Sustainable Food Consumption: Limitations, Potential and Possibilities of Community-Based Consumer Co-ops

We have a good record of attracting ESRC-funded students and supervising them to successful completion, and we are often able to offer highly qualified research students assistance in the form of studentships, full or partial fees bursaries and/or teaching assistantships.