Centre for the study of social and political movements

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Centre for the Study of Social and Political Movements

The Centre brings together work on a variety of contemporary forms of social and political movements and collective action

The Centre for the Study of Social and Political Movements was established in 1992, and since then has helped the University of Kent gain wider recognition as a leading institution in the study of social and political movements in the UK.

The Centre has attracted research council, European Union, and charitable foundation funding, and collaborated with international partners on major funding projects. Former staff members and external associates include Professors Mario Diani, Frank Furedi, Dieter Rucht, and Clare Saunders.

Today, the Centre continues to attract graduate students and international visitors, and facilitate the development of collaborative research. Recent and ongoing research undertaken by members includes studies of Black Lives Matter, Extinction Rebellion, veganism and animal rights.

The Centre takes a methodologically pluralistic and interdisciplinary approach, embracing any topic relevant to the study of social and political movements. If you have any inquiries about Centre events or activities, or are interested in applying for our PhD programme, please contact Dr Alexander Hensby or Dr Corey Wrenn.

Right to Food

The Centre is a proud supporter of the University of Kent’s Right to Food initiative. The development of accessible, sustainable foodways is a pressing and deeply intersectional social justice issue. Universities are uniquely positioned as community and global leaders to champion fair food for nourishing diverse human populations, the dignity and safety of workers, nonhuman animal liberty and wellbeing, healthy environments, pandemic resistance, and climate change resilience. The Centre realises these food justice goals by making space for topics related to sustainable food production and consumption, environmentalism, animal rights, and veganism in teaching, research and citizenship. In line with the University of Kent’s sustainable Food Action Plan, any catered in-person events are 100% plant-based. 

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Explore the list (below) of module options that are currently available at Kent. Discover how social movements are a wide-ranging theme across the University. (Please note: this listing is based on the current curriculum and may change year to year in response to new curriculum developments and innovation.)