Centre for the study of social and political movements

Current projects

  • Animals in Irish society (Dr Corey Wrenn).

Major completed projects

  • Caught in the Act of Protest: Contextualising Contestation (CCC), with Clare Saunders (University of Exeter), part of a European Science Foundation project on street demonstrations co-ordinated by Bert Klandermans, Free University of Amsterdam. Kent contribution funded by ESRC.
  • Democracy in Europe and the Mobilization of Society (DEMOS), part of FP6 STREP project, a 7-national comparative project funded by European Commission DG Research and coordinated by Donatella della Porta, European University Institute.
  • Transformation of Environmental Activism (the TEA project), a comparative study (EC funded) of the changing nature of environmental activism in eight European countries.
  • Burning Issues: the politics of waste incineration. This grew out of the PEM project, a comparative study (EC-funded) of the role of environmental movements in the politics of waste management.

A major part of the output of the centre has been in the form of PhD theses.