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Physics of Quantum Materials Discussion Group

We meet weekly during term time for an informal discussion of relevant topics. All are welcome to join. Location: we are currently operating in hybrid model, meaning that you have a choice (whether you are leading the discussion or are just a regular participant) to join online using Teams or in person. The current room for seminars is Pears Seminar Room 4 (PSR4) but do check the program, below, as there may be exceptions or alterations. Before joining the meeting, please familiarise yourself with our instructions and guidelines.

For any queries, or to be added to our mailing list, please contact the acting seminar organiser, Dr Jorge Quintanilla.


Members take turns for leading the meetings, either by presenting their own research or reviewing a scientific article of choice. Whiteboard presentations are encouraged, but screen and projector can also be used. The atmosphere of the meetings is informal and so are meant to be the presentations. Occasionally the discussion is led by one of our visitors or a colleague from another institute joining us in person or via video-conference.

If you would like to volunteer for a presentation, please add your name and a topic, below, for an available date (if you do not have editing access to this page, could you please email someone who does – currently that’s all the academics listed under “Faculty” on the “People” page). “Offered” indicates the date has been proposed to a potential speaker and therefore it is not free at present. “TBA” means the slot is available. “No seminar” means there will be no DG scheduled that week (usually because of a clash with some other event).

Speakers are encouraged to email a title and abstract for their discussion to the group on the day prior to their presentation.

This year’s presentations

Term 1: Tuesdays at 2pm (UK Time)

Term 2: Tuesdays at 2pm (UK Time)

  • 16/1/2024 – Holly Mcphillips (Kent) – A High Pressure X-ray Diffraction Study of A2Mo3O8 (A2+ = Fe, Mn, Co): preliminary results
  • 23/1/2024 – Josh Tucker – Tutorial: EPR Paradox and Bell’s Inequalities – ROOM CHANGE: Keynes Seminar Room 15 (KSR15)
  • 30/1/2024 – Sam Carr (Kent) –
    One dimensional topological insulators with weak interaction: a bosonisation study (Part 1)
  • 6/2/2024 – Joseph Chapman (Kent) – Curious correlations in the Toblerone model
  • 13/2/2024 – No Discussion Group – MEE group seminar at 4pm in Grimond Lecture Theatre 3 (Brendan Kennedy, University of Sydney, “Balancing Cooperativity and Disorder in Functional Materials” – contact Paul Saines of the MEE group for details)
  • 20/2/2024 – Peter Fox (IBM/Imperial) – “Strong coupling in nanoplasmonic systems, and anapoles”
  • 27/2/2024 – No Discussion Group – PQM Business Meeting (PQM academics only)
  • 5/3/2024 – Sam Carr (Kent) – One dimensional topological insulators with weak interaction: a bosonisation study (Part 2)
  • 12/3/2024 – Gunnar Moller (Kent) – Title TBA – ROOM CHANGE: Chipperfield Lecture Theatre (CHLT)
  • 19/3/2024 – TBA
  • 26/3/2024 – No Discussion Group – PHYS7000 Undergraduate Researcher Presentations (Kennedy Seminar Room 9)
  • 2/4/2024 (date TBC) – Ofer Lahav (UCL) – “Machine Learning for Astronomy: Evolution or Revolution?”

Term 3: Tuesdays at 2pm (UK Time)

Past talks

See also the record of past group meetings (including the Quantum Theory and Simulation Discussion Group prior to September 2019) under Past Events.