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The EU Global Security Strategy (2016) highlighted the increasing complexity of the global environment: we live in a more connected, contested and complex world, where ‘my neighbour’s and my partner’s weaknesses are my own’ (EEAS 2016:4). And yet, we are still to learn how to ‘manage’ these ‘weaknesses’, to more effectively respond to regional challenges, and to grow more sustainable local communities.

The project aims to develop a new conceptual understanding of better governance, and its constituent parts – resilience, capacity-building, peoplehood and cooperative orders, which will be the focus of Research Integration (WP2).

GCRF COMPASS key priorities under the ‘Research Integration’ Work-Package include:

  • identify and develop specialist research niche for partner institutions and establish research synergies across the Consortium
  • organise international thematic research workshops and conferences
  • produce high-quality academic outputs (monographs, articles, and joint publications)
  • deliver PhD training schools and top-level student conventions
  • launch a series of pilot projects as part of the wider UK/EU research integration strategy

A presentation on COMPASS Research Strategy is available here

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