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COMPASS Special Issues

Korosteleva, E. and Petrova, I (2022)  ‘The Making of Resilient Communities in Central Eurasia in Times of Complexity and Change‘,  Special Issue, Cambridge Review of International Affairs, 33(2/3 – TBC).

Nazaranka, A. (2021)Журнал международного права и международных отношений‘ Journal of International Law and International Relations Special Issue.

Kalra, P. and Saxena, S. (2021)  Special Issue ‘Globalizing Local Understandings of Fragility in Eurasia’

  • Kalra P, Saxena SS. Globalizing local understanding of fragility in Eurasia. Journal of Eurasian Studies. September 2021. doi:10.1177/18793665211044839
  • Darmenova Y, Koo E. Toward local sustainability: Social capital as a community insurance in Kazakhstan. Journal of Eurasian Studies. August 2021. doi:10.1177/18793665211038143
  • Akhmetzharov S, Orazgaliyev S. Labor unions and institutional corruption: The case of Kazakhstan. Journal of Eurasian Studies. August 2021. doi:10.1177/18793665211041198
  • Valiyev A, Babayev A. Azerbaijani youth in transition: Is the state youth policy effective enough? Journal of Eurasian Studies. September 2021. doi:10.1177/18793665211046066
  • Petrova I, Korosteleva E. Societal fragilities and resilience: The emergence of peoplehood in Belarus. Journal of Eurasian Studies. August 2021. doi:10.1177/18793665211037835

Kudaibergenova, D. and Buranelli, F.C. (2021) ‘Theorizing the Nature of Power in Central Asia‘, Special Issue, Problems of Post-Communism, 68(2)

Korosteleva, E. and Paikin, Z. (2020) Russia between East and West, and the future of Eurasian Order’, International Politics, Special Issue. Advance online publication Summer 2020; full issue – 58(3) June 2021

  • Korosteleva, E. & Z. Paikin ‘Russia between East and West, and the future of Eurasian order’. Advanced online publication. 6 July. DOI: 10.1057/s41311-020-00261-5
  • Sakwa, R. ‘Greater Russia: Is Moscow out to subvert the west?’. Advanced online publication. 6 July. DOI: 10.1057/s41311-020-00258-0
  • Lukin, A. ‘The Russia-China entente and its future’, Advanced online publication. 13 June. DOI: 10.1057/s41311-020-00251-7
  • Haukkala, H. ‘Nonpolar Europe? Examining the causes and drivers behind the decline of ordering agents in Europe’. Advanced online publication. 6 July. DOI: 10.1057/s41311-020-00257-1
  • Paikin, Z. ‘Through think and thin: Russia, China and the future of Eurasian International Society’, Advanced online publication. 6 July.  DOI: 10.1057/s41311-020-00260-6
  • Korosteleva, E. & I. Petrova ‘From “the global” to “the local”: the future of “cooperative orders” in Central Eurasia in times of complexity. Advanced online publication. 11 July. DOI: 10.1057/s41311-020-00262-4
  • Nitoiu, C. & F. Pasatoiu ‘Resilience and the world order: the EU and the RIC states’. Advanced online publication. 7 July. DOI: 10.1057/s41311-020-00259-z
  • Pieper, M. ‘The linchpin of Eurasia: Kazakhtsan and the Eurasian economic union between Russia’s defensive regionalism and China’s Silk Roads’, Advanced online publication. 11 May. DOI: 10.1057/s41311-020-00244-6
  • Valiyev, A. and S. Bilalova ‘A Battle for transportation routes in the Russian neighbourhood: Is there a place for small states?’, Advanced online publication. 2 May. DOI: 10.1057/s41311-020-00241-9


Korosteleva, E. and Flockhart, T. (2020) ‘Resilience in EU and international institutions’, Special Issue, Contemporary Security Policy 41:2 advanced publication December 2019


Nazaranka, A. (2020) ‘Migration, refugees, statelessness issues and cross-cultural relations’, Special Issue, Journal of International Law and International Relations, N3-4(94-95), full text available in English and in Russian

  • Nazaranka, A. (2020) International Project of the Global Challenges Research Fund COMPASS: Experience of Cooperation in the Wider Eurasia Region
  • Kondral, A. (2020) Palestinian Refugees in Jordan: Status and Identity


Shahidi, M. (2022) ‘Restoring Inter-Academic Connectivity Globally

Ismailzade, F. and Krnjević Mišković, D. (2021, eds.) Karabakh: Policy Perspectives by the ADA Community

Ismailova, G., and Khasanov, U. (2021, eds.) Modern Central Asia: Resilience and Capacity Building UWED: Regional Security Study Laboratory (May). ISBN: 978-9943-340-76-3

Van Elsuwege, P. & Bossuyt, F. (2021) Principled Pragmatism in Practice: The EU’s Policy towards Russia after Crimea (Brill, 15 April, 2021) ISBN: 978-90-04-45371-5

  • Van Elsuwege, P. & Bossuyt, F. (2021) General Introduction: From Strategic Partner to Strategic Challenge: In Search of an EU Policy towards Russia
  • Petrova, I. (2021) Two Monologues Don’t Make a Dialogue The EU’s and Russia’s Strategic Narratives about the Minsk Agreements and Sanctions Regime
  • Merheim-Eyre, I. (2021) The EU’s and Russia’s Visa Diplomacy in a Contested Neighbourhood
  • Pavlova, E. & Romanova, T. (2021) The EU’s Concept of Resilience in the Context of EU-Russia Relations
  • Kruessmann, T. (2021) The Arctic as a Micro-Cosmos for Selective Engagement between the EU and Russia?
  • Bossuyt, F. & Van Elsuwege, P. General Conclusion: The Five Guiding Principles for the EU’s Relations with Russia: In Need of Revision?

Korosteleva, E & Flockhart, T. (2020) Resilience in EU and International Institutions (Routledge, 30 November, 2020) ISBN 9780367543914

Madiyev, O. (2020) Uzbekistan’s International Relations, Routledge, e-book ISBN: 9780429327629

Kudaibergenova, D. (2020)  Towards Nationalizing Regimes: Conceptualizing Power and Identity in the Post-Soviet RealmPittsburgh University Press, June. ISBN : 9780822946175; Podcast discussing the book can be found here and here

van Gils, E. (2019) Azerbaijan and the European Union; Routledge, e-book 9780429488481

Kalra, P. (2018) The Silk Road and the Political Economy of the Mongol Empire; 1st. ed. Routledge Studies on the Chinese Economy

Kalra, P. (2018. ed.) ‘Making the Kyrgyz’, Cambridge Scientific Publishers

Korosteleva, E., Merheim-Eyre, I. and van Gils, E. (2018, eds.) ‘The Politics and the Political of the Eastern Partnership Initiative: reshaping the agenda. Routledge

Book Chapters

Gurbanov, S., Mammadrzayev, V., Isgandar, H. (2021) ‘Remittances, Poverty Reduction and Inclusive Growth in the Resource-Poor Former Soviet Union Countries’  in ‘Poverty Reduction for Inclusive Sustainable Growth in Developing Asia’; Springer