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‘COMPASSS meets people’ to develop a sustainable community capacity by way of surveying community needs for impact on local authorities; organising study packs and school fairs (printed showcase samples and e-packs for local schools) to forge closer links with respective centres of excellence; and conducting citizen juries and BBC QT involving local authorities in each country – to raise critical awareness and develop practical skills in addressing the issues of governance and sustainability of local communities.

The project aims to develop academic ideas and policy recommendations on ‘better governance’ in conjunction with public input and awareness-raising measures, which will be the focus of Sustainable Communities (WP4)

GCRF COMPASS key priorities under the ‘Sustainable Communities’ Work-Package include:

  • identify core public needs for more effective governance
  • offer wider CPD and awareness-raising opportunities
  • organise school fairs with study packs
  • run citizen juries and televised debates to improve governance performance and public satisfaction

Presentation on COMPASS Community Engagement is available here

‘COMPASS meets media’ to inform the public by fully engaging with social media, as well as establishing a regular time slot with BBC Russian service ‘5th floor’, with whom PI regularly cooperates; and reporting to other media outlets (SKY, ITV, France 24, Euronews, and national broadcasters, with whom the PI and COI work on a regular basis); ensuring their presence at the televised BBC QT debates for knowledge transfer and awareness-raising.

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