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Policy Outputs

COMPASS Policy Papers and Briefs

Mowlds, S. (2021) ‘Evidence-informed Decision-making for Sustainable Development in Uzbekistan: Spatial Data’, GCRF COMPASS Policy Paper, 8 February, available here

Babayev, B. and I. Yagubova (2021) ‘Azerbaijan-EAEU Cooperation: The Current State of Affairs and Future Prospects’, GCRF COMPASS Policy Paper, 1 February, available here

Gafarova, N. and A. Valiyev (2020) ‘How Does COVID-19 Impact on the EAEU? The View from Azerbaijan’, GCRF COMPASS Policy Paper, 24 November, available here

Minsk Dialogue Virtual Forum – 2020: The Belarus Crisis: Mapping Uncertainty in Regional Security, Non-Paper, 10 December 2020, available here

Umarov, A. (2020) ’Third Central Asian leaders’ meeting postponed to 2021: Why it matters?’ The Diplomat, 14 December, available here

Rakhimov, A., Khasanov, U. and A. Umarov (2020) ’New Foreign Policy of Uzbekistan: Central Asia, the EAEU and the BRI’, GCRF COMPASS Policy paper, 18 November, available here

Paikin, Z. (2020) ‘When Revanchism does not Equate to Revisionism: Taking Stock of the new US-Russian Great Power Rivalry’, Ponars Policy Memo No. 674, November, available here

Valiyev, A. (2020) ’The Myth of Syrian Mercenaries in Karabakh Debunked in Eight Parts’, Ponars Policy Memo, 6 November, available here

Madiyev, O., Preiherman, Y., Leukavets, A., Hansbury, P. and Z. Paikin (2019) Facilitating Cooperation in a World of Complexty, GCRF COMPASS Policy paper, 9 October, available here

Azizi, R. (2019) ‘What does “traditional” or “local” islam mean? Experience of implementation in the Tajik Society’, Central Asian Bureau for Analytical Reporting (CABAR), 23 January, available here

Babyev, B. and F. Ismailzade (2020) ‘Azerbaijan’s Contribution to the Chinese Belt & Road Initiative’, GCRF Policy Brief, 13 May, available here

Khasanov, U. (2020) ‘Afghanistan: a Game with Many Variables’, Valdai Club expert opinion, 18 March, available here

Preiherman, Y. (2020) ‘Are the United States going to return to Eastern Europe, and what does this mean for Belarus?’, Minsk Dialogue, 23 February

Preiherman, Y. (2020) ‘Belarus can help Europe to stop procrastinating on risk-reduction’, European Leadership Network, 21 February

Preiherman, Y. (2020) ‘The post-Soviet space and new multi-polarity’, Valdai Discussion Club, 7 February

Khasanov, U. (2020) ‘International uncertainty 2020. New Eurasia on the road towards consolidation’. MGIMO, Moscow, 6th February, available here

Khasanov, U. (2020) ‘Internal synergies is the main driver of reform in Uzbekistan’, 5 February (in Russian), available here

Preiherman, Y. (2020) ‘Pompeo in Minsk: Prospects against a spicy background’, Minsk Dialogue, 2 February

Preiherman, Y. (2020) ‘Unsettled union: The future of the Belarus-Russia relationship’, ECFR, 21 January

Preiherman, Y. (2019) ‘Negotiations between Minsk and Moscow encounter fundamental issues’, Valdai Discussion Club, 24 December

Preiherman, Y. (2019) ‘Belarus-Russia: Is bilateral integration happening?’ GET Belarus, 20 December

Preiherman, Y. (2019) ‘Rumours about the end of multi-vectored foreign policy have been greatly exaggerated’, Minsk Dialogue, 7 December [In Russian]

Valiyev, A. (2019) Ten Years of Eastern Partnership in Azerbaijan: Time to Take Serious Steps, NYU Jordan Russian Centre

Valiyev, A. (2019) ‘Azerbaijan Through the Prism of BRI: China’s Mounting Interests and Influence in the Region’, Policy paper 621, PONARS Eurasia, October.

Turarbekova, R. (2019) Youtube video

Turarbekova, R. (2019) “Kazakhstan: from technical to political transit”, 12 September, Nashe Mnenie, available here

Preiherman, Y. (2019) ‘John Bolton in Minsk: How to avoid the trap of misunderstanding in Belarus-Russia relations’, Valdai Discussion Club, 4 September

Turarbekova, R. (2019) “30 years of ‘the end of history’? Discussion continues”, 2 September, Nashe Mnenie, available here

Turarbekova, R (2019) “Belarus integration processes: a personal view”, BELARUS 24 TV channel

Turarbekova, R. (2019) “Building a nation state in Central Asia: the case of Kyrgyzstan”, Nashe Mnenie, 12 August [in Russian]

Turarbekova, R. (2019) “Why Belarus is interested in Uzbekistan”, Natisonalnaya Gazeta, 9 August [in Russian]

Preiherman, Y. (2019) ‘Belarus muddling through geopolitical uncertainties’, Institute for Security Policy, 22 July

Kruessmann, T. (2019), ‘Tiptoeing around the Two Elephants in the Room: assessing the EU’s new Central Asia strategy’ , EUROPP LSE blog, June

Korosteleva, E. and F. Bossuyt (2019) ‘The EU and Central Asia: New Opportunities or “the Same Old Song”?’, LSE IDEAS Dahrendorf Forum Debating Europe, 18 June

Turarbekova, R. (2019) “What do we know about the new President of Kazakhstan?Narodnaya Gazeta, 14 June [in Russian]

Turarbekova, R. (2019) “”Transit in a Kazakh way: hybridisation of authoritarianism”, Nashe Mnenie, 11 June [in Russian]

Turarbekova, R. (2019) “Integration as a means of adaptation and construction of international relations: the case of Central Asia”, Nashe Mnenie, 24 May [In Russian]

Preiherman, Y. (2019) ‘Belarus-Russia: Where are current tensions leading?’ GET Belarus, 3 May

Korosteleva, E. (2019) ‘A Comedian, a President, and a Prime Minister: The 2019 presidential election in Ukraine’, LSE IDEAS Dahrendorf Forum ‘Debating Europe’, 17 April 2019

Preiherman, Y. (2019) ‘Treaty on the establishment of the Union State of Belarus and Russia’, Minsk Dialogue, 1 April

Preiherman, Y. (2019) ‘Minsk signals its red line on Russian ambassador’s behaviour’, Eurasia Daily Monitor, 25 March

Preiherman, Y. (2019) ‘Belarus-EU: Uneven rapprochement’, Eurasia Daily Monitor, 6 March

Preiherman, Y. (2019) ‘Can Belarus become a success story of European security?’, ECFR, 21 February

Paikin, Z. (2019) ‘Russia’s Pivot to the East: Where does it leave the EU?’ Commentary, ECFR, 21 February

Preiherman, Y. (2019) ‘Belarus finds its foreign policy stride’, Global Brief, 8 February

Preiherman, Y. (2019) ‘Belarus and Russia dispute the fundamentals of their relationship’, Eurasia Daily Monitor, 15 January

Korosteleva, E., Saxena, S.S., Kalra, P., Kudaibergenova, D., Madiyev, O., Nazaranka, A., Nurulla-Khojaeva, N., Umarov, A., Yunusov, K. and A. Valiyev (2018) Revisiting the EU’s approach to Central Asia: pathways for developing ‘cooperative orders’ in a wider Eurasia, COMPASS Policy Brief, 11 September, available here

Preiherman, Y. (2018) ‘Munich in Minsk: Stating the big regional problem’, Ukrainian Prism, 21 December

Paikin, Z. and Preiherman, Y. (2018) ‘Canada should look to Belarus for strategic partnership’, Policy Options, 19 November

Preiherman, Y. (2018) ‘Dependent independence: What is the scope of the foreign policy of Belarus?’, Minsk Dialogue, 11 October

Preiherman, Y. (2018) ‘Belarus and Ukraine: Fort Trump’s accidental victims?’, ECFR, 1 October

Salimov, F. (2018) ’The Trade-economic cooperation between Uzbekistan and Tajikistan must not become a one-sided game’, Central Asian Bureau for Analytical Reporting (CABAR), 12 March, available here

EU Strategy report

The European Union’s Strategy for Central Asia 2020 – 2027: A Review of Past Achievements and Recommendations for the Next Stage