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Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence

Investigating the idea of Normative Power Europe in relation to Asia

This Centre of Excellence combines the expertise of the University of Kent’s Global Europe Centre with leading expertise from four Asian Pacific partners to investigate the idea of Normative Power Europe in relation to Asia.

Studies of Normative power are studies of self-identity and projection of this identity beyond the EU’s borders. It is equally important to research and understand the other side of this transaction, the reception of norms by the global community. This Centre of Excellence will investigate the concept of Normative Power as an interaction between regions, the EU and Asia. The Asia and Pacific partners have all been involved in research looking at the perception of the EU within Asia and the dynamics and nuances of this relationship.

The Centre of Excellence will undertake a series of activities designed to ignite further debate on the concepts of normative power, to facilitate professional development for academics and beginning researchers and promote the relevance of studying the EU and Asia relationship.

Workshops will be used to bring together academics and beginning researchers to provide detailed feedback on research, discuss teaching innovations and work towards the collaborative writing of an edited book on EU Normative Power and Asia. Exchanges between partners will provide researchers with the opportunities to further enhance their research and international connections.

Regular video seminars will bring the geographically diverse partners together to debate contemporary issues. These seminars will be made available for a wider audience through the project webpage which will also provide updates on the project and act as a hub of expertise on the concepts of Normative Power and its reception within Asia. An Online Forum provides the ability for project participants to collaborate in an unprompted and more sustainable manner.

The findings from the project will be presented through a conference panel and a published edited book.

Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence Normative Power Europe: EU in Asia (NPEEA) funded by:

Life Long Learning Programme