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Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence

Picture by Yannis Papanastasopoulos



The workshops bring together academics, PhD students and early career researchers. They will incorporate standard presentation formats with inventive small group interactions, allowing the group to share research as well as delve deeper into issues and work together in more intimate groups. There will be dedicated sessions on: developing collaborative projects; best practice for teaching and supervision of EU Studies; upskilling for PhD and early career researchers. One workshop will be held in the beginning of the project with another in the middle of the grant. This is designed so that discussions can be built on across the workshops. Lecturers will be asked to take ideas about best practice from workshop one and report back on their implementation in workshop two.

Video Seminars

Video seminars enable researchers from around the network to participate in a seminar on a topical issue. It is also an opportunity to discuss the logistics and progress of the project. Partners will be able to share links to online recorded seminars undertaken at each of their centres through the social media forum. These video seminars provide good opportunities for EU Centres to invite EU Delegations to participate and present.

Conference Panel

This conference panel will enable the project to present its findings from the workshops to the EUSAAP Conference – the largest annual EU Studies conference in the Asia Pacific region. The aim is to share ideas on teaching best practice, research supervision, training of PhD students for positions in academia, to its widest possible audience.


Exchanges enable PhD students, early-career researchers and professors to build on their workshop discussions by undertaking two week visits to partner universities. The focus is for students/staff to follow up with ideas for collaborative research projects, develop proposals for joint teaching and disseminate their research in a new environment – gaining new contexts to their work and feedback from a different perspective. Researchers will be expected to present a paper on their research at the host university.

Webpage and Online Forum

A webpage enables the Centre of Excellence to present its project to other EU Centres and stakeholders such as business interest groups in the various partner countries.  It presents the group as a focal point of expertise on EU matters for interest groups and media. The website would contain Researcher Profiles, links to online video seminars.
The Online Forum would enable projects participants to continue discussions and networking from workshops and exchanges, post interesting articles for people to comment on, post drafts for comment and links for online seminars.


This publication would be put together following the workshops and in line with ideas for future collaborative research projects. Contributors would be those that attend the workshops and undertake exchanges. The aim would be for a special journal edition or book.