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Centre for Biocultural Diversity

CBCD Seminar Series

Lectures, seminars and workshops on various topics in Biocultural Diversity studies

CBCD Seminars – Spring 2022

Thursday, January 20th (11- 1 pm) Patricia Howard (WUR, CBCD): Human Adaptation to Invasive Species: a literary synthesis

Thursday, January 27th (10- 1 pm) Gary Martin (GDF Marrakech, CBCD): Conserving agrobiodiversity and ensuring the viability of High Atlas cultural landscapes (with Hafida Mazoud, Louisa Aarrass and Tasnim Elboute)

Wednesday, February 2nd (11:30 -1:30 pm) Prof. Michael Heinrich (UCL School of Pharmacy): Ethnopharmacology: More than just the search for new drugs

Wednesday, February 16th (3-5 pm) Aurora Prehn (Missouri BG, Kent): A study of the dynamics of wine production in Georgia today, and its applications

Wednesday, February 23rd (11-2 pm) Professor Christian Vogl (BOKU- Vienna): Applied research on ethnobotany in the Tyrolean AlpsĀ  (Austria)

Thursday, February 24th (10-11:30 am) Philippa Ryan (KEW): Long term crop histories in N Sudan, connecting ethnobotany and archaeobotany

Thursday, March 3rd (11-1 pm) Miguel Alexiades (CBCD): The Anthropocene: Rethinking the human-environment nexus at time of planetary crisis

Wednesday, March 9th (11 -1 pm) Professor Roy Ellen (CBCD): Cassava and colonialism: how a diasporic cultigen was reinvented in the world system

Thursday, March 17th (11-1 pm) Jonathan Loh (CBCD): Biocultural Diversity: Indexes for measuring dynamics

Thursday, March 24th (11-1 pm) Dario Novellino (CBCD): Resolving conflicts between pastoralists and conservationists in the Aurunci Mountains of Italy