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CBCD Seminar Series

Lectures, seminars and workshops on various topics in Biocultural Diversity studies

CBCD Seminars – Spring 2019

Wednesday, January 23rd (2-5 pm) Stirling Library, Marlowe

Professor Christian Vogl (BOKU- Vienna): Changing Human-Environment Relationships in
the Austrian Alps 

Thursday, January 24th (10-12 pm) Swingland Room, Marlowe

Professor Christian Vogl (BOKU- Vienna): Questions and methods for the ethnobotanical study of homegardens in Latin America

Wednesday, February 13th (11:30 -1 pm) Ingram Lecture Theatre, Ingram Building

Prof. Michael Heinrich (UCL School of Pharmacy): Ethnopharmacology: More than just the search for new drugs.

Tuesday, February 19th (1 -3 pm) Swingland Room, Marlowe

Professor Chris Sinha (Hunan University): Interdisciplinarity, multiple methods and reflexivity in the cultural linguistic laboratory

 Dr Vera da Silva Sinha (UEA): Event-based time in three indigenous Amazonian and Xinguan cultures and languages

Tuesday, February 26th (1 -3 pm) Swingland Room, Marlowe

Dr Kay Lewis-Jones (University of Kent / DEFRA): Saving wild seeds in the Anthropocene: pursuing more-than-human futures at the Millennium Seed Bank Partnership

Wednesday, March 6th (11 -1 pm) Ethnobiology Lab, Marlowe

Mary Butcher (UK): Fiber Plants and Weaving

Wednesday, March 27th (11 – 1 pm) Stirling Library, Marlowe

Monika Kujawska (University of Lodz): Ethnobotanical studies of Polish urban allotment gardens

Thursday, June 6th (2-5 pm) Swingland Room, Marlowe

Dr. Matthieu Salpeteur (Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle): Workshop: Cultural Consensus Analysis using R, and Pastoralist adaptation to climate change in Rajasthan.


CBCD Seminars – Spring 2018

Wednesday, November 8th (11 am)

Simon Platten (Tamar Grow Local, Cornwall):  Building a local food system using learning from social and ecological systems: 10 years of Tamar Grow Local

Wednesday, January 17th (11 am)  CNW SR 6

Jonathan Loh (Kent): Recent Trends in Global Biological and Linguistic Diversity

Wednesday, January 24th  (11 am) KLT5

Sarah van der Meer (Kent): Beachcombing in the Plastic Age

Wednesday, January 31st (11 am) CNW SR 6

Prof. Patricia Howard (Wageningen, Kent, SRC): Biodiversity Tipping Points

Wednesday, February 14th (11 am) CNW SR 5

Oana Ivan (Kent alum): Conflicts between fishing and conservation in the Danube Delta (Film showing and discussion).

Wednesday, March 14th (11 am) KS13

Dario Novellino (Kent):  Advocacy and Anthropology in the Philippines

Wednesday, March 28th  (11 am) KS13

Sukvinder Bhamra (Medway School of Pharmacy): The use of herbal medicines by migrant communities in the UK.


CBCD Seminars – Spring 2017

Wednesday, January 18th (11 am)

Gemma Burford (Consultant Researcher): Local participation in ethnobotanical research: thinking in three dimensions

Wednesday, January 25th  (11 am)

William Milliken (RBG Kew): Into the light: mobilising and exploring Richard Spruce’s ethnobotanical legacy from the 19th C. Brazilian Amazon

Friday January 27th (11 am)

Prof. Patricia Howard (Wageningen, Kent, SRC): Gender and Ethnobiological knowledge systems

Wednesday, February 1st (11 am)

Lewis Daly (UCL): What kind of people are plants? The use of plant charms among the Makushi Amerindians of Amazonian Guyana

Wednesday, March 15th (11 am in KLT2)

Sukvinder Bhamra (Medway School of Pharmacy): Traditional herbal remedies used by South Asian Communities in the UK

Wednesday, March 29th  (16:30 pm)

Susana Carro-Ripalda (Durham/Bilbao) “Our maize”: native and GM seeds in the context of traditional agriculture in Mexico.