Portrait of Dr  Yong Hu

Dr Yong Hu

Research Associate


2013-2017 PhD in Multi Photon Microscopy & Phase Sensitive Optical Coherence Tomography – University of Kent, UK
2011-2012 MSc Hons in Laser Technology – The University of Manchester, UK
2006-2010 BSc Hons in Applied Physics – Heilongjiang Province University, China

PhD Project
Yong researched for his PhD on multi-photon microscopy and photothermal imaging of gold nano-particles using phase sensitive OCT at the University of Kent under the supervision of Dr. George Dobre as part of the Applied Optics Group (AOG).
PhD Thesis: “Phase-sensitive optical coherence tomography for dynamic photothermal detection and imaging of gold nano-rods in scattering media and biological tissue”.

Postdoctoral Project
Yong is currently working as a postdoctoral research assistant in AOG on “adding OCT to fundus camera” with Prof. Adrian Podoleanu. This is a project to build up a combined imaging device capable of both the OCT function and the fundus camera function. In a united assembly, the two functional apparatuses share the same optical system but use independent signal detecting units, with each apparatus operating in the optimized parameters.


2017-now Postdoctoral research assistant – Applied Optics Group, University of Kent
2010-2011 Technical Adviser and Engineer – Schoelly Feberoptic GMBH

Hu, Y. et.al. (2018). Phase sensitive optical coherence microscopy for photothermal imaging of gold nanorods. In: 2nd Canterbury Conference on OCT with Emphasis on Broadband Optical Sources. SPIE, 10591. Available at: http://spie.org/Publications/Proceedings/Paper/10.1117/12.2285816
Hu, Y. et.al. (2017). Performance comparison of spectrometer based and swept source based phase sensitive optical coherence tomography. In: Optical Coherence Imaging Techniques and Imaging in Scattering Media II. SPIE, 10416. Available at: http://spie.org/Publications/Proceedings/Paper/10.1117/12.2279879

Last updated 26th November 2020