Philip Broadbridge

PhD Student


Neuronal Tissue

PhD studentship, jointly supervised by Professor Adrian Podoleanu in the School of Physical Sciences in Canterbury and by Dr. Gurprit Lall in the Medway School of Pharmacy

Optical imaging techniques can and have been employed to visualise the structure of tissues. The imaging techniques can replicate that of traditional biological and biochemical techniques whilst keeping tissues intact, less or no tissue processing and that of using in vivo tissue.

Philip Broadbridge is currently working on an imaging system to monitor the neuronal tissue in vivo. Neuroanatomical imaging can show structures of tissues and blood vessel networks and if combined with other techniques can show functional information. Optical Coherence tomography can provide the lateral and depth resolution to discern these neuroanatomical features. The main impetus is to image the brain whilst in vivo, focusing on monitoring and investigating external effects upon the biological clock.

Philip Broadbridge read BSc (Hons) Biomedical Sciences (Forensics) at Brunel University, London. After working a few years within Healthcare, Philip started his PhD Studentship shared between two schools of science: Medway School of Pharmacy and the School of Physical Sciences (Applied Optics Group). Philip has contributed to a journal article in the Journal of Neural Transmission. Philip has presented posters at a NIHR symposium, Post Graduate Research Festival (Medway) and Post Graduate Research Festival (University of Kent).


LALL, G. S., ATKINSON, L. A., CORLETT, S. A., BROADBRIDGE, P. J. & BONSALL, D. R. 2012. Circadian entrainment and its role in depression: a mechanistic review. J Neural Transm.

NIHR Symposium:

P.J. Broadbridge, A. Bradu, G.S. Lall and A.Gh. Podoleanu. Deep Brain Imaging Using Optical Coherence Tomography.

Post Graduate Research Festivals:

P.J. Broadbridge, G.S. Lall, and A.Gh. Podoleanu. Sub-Micron Resolution Images of Neuronal Tissue Using Prism Optical Coherence Tomography.

Last updated 23rd February 2021