AOG at the European Conferences in Biomedical Optics 2019

The European Conferences in Biomedical Optics (ECBO), which ended this Thursday (27th of June), is one of the largest events for biomedical optics researchers in Europe, and is integrated with the Laser World of Photonics conference, with a large exhibition area covering many aspects of optics research and innovation. Taking place in Munich every two years, it is a great place to disseminate new research in the field, along with countless networking opportunities which may pave the way for future joint research avenues or to rekindle past ones.

AOG en-route to Munich!

Our Applied Optics Group was represented in the event by a number of our members, including Prof Adrian Podoleanu (member of the organising committee of the Optical Coherence Imaging Techniques and Imaging in Scattering Media conference, who has also chaired a session), PhD student Giannis Nteroli and his supervisor Dr Adrian Bradu, and post-doctoral researcher Dr Manuel Marques.

Giannis giving his talk at the Photoacoustic microscopy conference.

Giannis made his debut in presenting at an international conference with his talk, titled Developments on using supercontinuum sources for high resolution multi-imaging instruments for biomedical applications , which he delivered on Tuesday 25th as part of the Opto-Acoustic Methods and Applications in Biophotonics conference. His talk was well-received, attracting some interest from the audience.

Manuel presenting his research poster to fellow researchers during the OCT poster session.

Manuel presented some of the work done in collaboration with MSc student Jasmine Pomeroy, as well as with Forensic Sciences colleagues from our school (Dr Robert Green OBE), and from the School of Anthropology and Conservation (Dr Chris Deter). This work, of which some very preliminary results were presented, involved the application of OCT imaging to the recognition of tattoos and skin features, post-decomposition.

On Wednesday, Giannis also ran a technical group networking event – as part of his OSA membership, he is now in the executive committee of the Imaging Optical Design technical group, promoting discussion and knowledge dissemination among professionals and researchers in the field.

Overall, the conference was extremely valuable to all AOG members attending it, having countless opportunities to meet up with former colleagues and collaborators who were also attending it. These included former PhD student Sophie Caujolle, former visiting lecturer Dr Sylvain Rivet (and his colleague Dr Mattiew Dubreil), our DTU collaborators, namely Dr Niels Israelsen, and our collaborators from Dr Frederique Vanhoolsbeck’s group hailing from the University of Auckland (NZ). The incredibly hot weather was offset by the constant supply of excellent Bavarian beer, which powered most of the networking sessions.