Day of Photonics 2016

The Applied Optics Group and the OSA student chapter of the University of Kent organised an event for the internationally-celebrated “Day of Photonics” on the 21st of October. The Day of Photonics celebrates the adoption of the current speed of light at the General Conference of Weights And Measures on the 21st of October 1983.

The Applied Optics and OSA student chapter organised a small booth in one of the University’s science buildings, presenting various optical instruments and phenomena. They also offered guided tours of the photonics labs and gave an insight to the research carried out at the Applied Optics Group.

It was a chance for group members to meet with many interested students and give them an introduction to their research and gave them the opportunity to ask questions concerning optics and the group’s research.

contributors at the booth

Some of the contributors at the booth (from left to right): Prof. emer. David Jackson, PhD student Felix Fleischhauer, PhD student Sophie Caujolle, Dr. Manuel Marques, PhD student Magalie Bondu, PhD student Samuel Edeagu & PhD student Mike Everson. Other contributors to the event

contributors at the booth