Portrait of Dr Lorna Dillon

Dr Lorna Dillon

Associate Lecturer, Facilitator for the War and Nation Research Network


Lorna received her doctorate from King’s College London. She was an associate lecturer at the University of Kent and the research facilitator for the War and Nation Research Network from 2015 to 2018. During this time she wrote and translated the history pages for this website and helped with the organisation of our international events.

Lorna’s broad interests include art, literature, film and theatre from Latin America, particularly from Chile and Argentina. She has a keen interest in the visual arts, focusing on textile art movements, surrealism, Pop Art and muralism.

Lorna’s doctoral thesis was on Violeta Parra’s art and she continues to publish on the embroideries, sculptures and paintings that Parra produced in the 1960s. Lorna is also interested in the relationship between symbolic representations and transitional justice.

Recent Publications

Lorna’s publications include “Repositioning the Popular: The Hybrid Aesthetics of Violeta Parra’s Paintings Machitún, Las tres Pascualas and Casamiento de negros” Studies in Latin American Popular Culture No 36, (2018) and Violeta Parra: Life and Work (2017).

She has published several journal articles and book chapters on Violeta Parra’s art and on the translation of the grotesco criollo theatre movement in Argentina. Full-text versions of some of Lorna’s publications can be found here.




Lorna teaches modules on cultural studies, visual studies and Latin American history. At the University of Kent Lorna taught a module on state building in Latin America in the nineteenth century and a module on human rights issues in twentieth century Latin American history. She has also taught modules on Chilean art, translation and surrealism.


Lorna has received funding from the Arts and Humanities Research Council, the Chilean Consejo de la Cultura y los Artes, the Higher Education Funding Council for England (via the Culture Capital Exchange) and the Institute of Fine Art of the University of New York.



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