Portrait of Dr  Gabriel Di Meglio

Dr Gabriel Di Meglio

Lecturer of Argentine History


Gabriel Di Meglio gained doctorate from the Universidad de Buenos Aires, where he also gained his undergraduate degree. He is a researcher for CONICET and a lecturer on Argentine History (1776 -1862) for the University of Buenos Aires. He is also the director of a national history museum, the Museo Histórico Nacional del Cabildo de Buenos Aires y de la Revolución de Mayo. His research focuses on participation in politics in the Río de la Plata region during the first half of the 19th Century.

His published work includes the books ¡Viva el bajo pueblo! La plebe urbana de Buenos Aires y la política entre la Revolución de Mayo y el rosismo (2006), ¡Mueran los salvajes unitarios! La Mazorca y la política en tiempos de Rosas (2007), Historia de las clases populares en la Argentina desde 1516 hasta 1880 (2012), and Manuel Dorrego. Vida y muerte de un líder popular (2014). He has also published articles in international journals and he co-edited the volume Hacer política. La participación popular en el siglo XIX rioplatense (2013). Gabriel’s publications can be read here.

He is currently researching the war between Argentina and Brazil of 1825 – 1828. He has been involved with a number of television series on historical subjects for the television channel Canal Encuentro and he has created a variety of history podcasts for the War and Nation research network. In the podcast below, you can hear Dr Di Meglio speaking about José Tomás Boves and the events leading to the creation of the third republic of Venezuela.



Last updated 9th September 2020