Public Engagement Projects

Project lead: Kirsty O’Driscoll
Dates: July 2018-June 2019
Award: £18,858

Unbelief: Creating conversations with the press, policymakers and public is a partnership between the Understanding Unbelief programme and NatCen Social Research to create new conversations about what the scale and nature of unbelief means for society and public policy.

In the summer of 2019 the Understanding Unbelief programme will publish its final research and NatCen will publish a major chapter on religion and faith in its annual British Social Attitudes (BSA) report. The build up to this moment provides an excellent opportunity to spark new conversations with the media, third sector, policymakers and faith leaders about how society could or should adapt to greater unbelief.

This project will organise three events to explore particular issues within this area, such as the implications of growing unbelief for our media and TV programming, and whether our sources of support are changing in times of local or national tragedy.

To accompany these events, NatCen will produce a range of infographics that bring the Understanding Unbelief and BSA research to life and help people engage with the work on social media, as well as to be used by traditional media.

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