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Understanding Unbelief

The Temple of Humanity: Brazil’s Unbeleivers

TAO Produções Artisticas Ltda

Public Engagement Projects 

Project Lead: Ariane Porto
Dates: 10 July 2018- 10 January 2019
Award: £15,000

This project will produce a 25 minute documentary about the diversity of unbelief in Brazil drawing upon the Understanding Unbelief survey data and interviews. The main topics we will focus on include: the rising number of unbelievers in Brazil; the diversity of unbelief and the ways different types of unbelief connect to alternative existential beliefs such as Humanism, Marxism, Transhumanism and Environmentalism; how unbelievers may still use religious or magical ideas in certain circumstances (e.g., Brazilian atheists and nones have been reported to visit Afro-Brazilian diviners to ‘consult’ about future events); and, unbelievers’ views on morality and religion. These topics will be approached via interviews and using two key settings: the Temple of Humanity in Rio de Janeiro and the New Consciousness Festival in João Pessoa.