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Understanding Unbelief

Lives of Unbelief: A Photographic Essay

Aubrey Wade

Public Engagement Projects 

Project Lead: Aubrey Wade
Dates: 1 July 2018- 31 December 2018
Award: £15,000

Aubrey Wade will photograph distinct forms of unbelief and document the lived experiences of unbelievers in Brazil, Japan, the US and UK in an in-depth photo essay for GEO magazine. He will focus on individual and personal stories with the broader framework of new research from the Understanding Unbelief programme. He is particularly interested in the ritual behaviour that unbelievers engage in when experiencing significant life events, either positive or challenging, as well as transitions from one stage of like to another. At these times their beliefs, perspectives and worldviews come clearly into focus, are often embodied, and allow for a strong visual representation.

Aubrey Wade uses documentary photography to explore social issues, seeking visual approaches to storytelling that help audiences connect with his subjects and their experiences. He works internationally on long-term documentary projects, as well as on assignment for leading publications and NGOs. He holds degrees in Social Anthropology from Sussex University and in Photography from the University of the Arts London.

GEO, a German language publication, is a general interest magazine which focuses on stories about science, nature, ethnology and human interest. With a readership of 3.2 million it is the largest publication of its kind in Europe and is regarded as Germany’s most prestigious reportage magazine. GEO is famous for its outstanding picture driven features.

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