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Understanding Unbelief

Banyak Films and Briony Campbell

Public Engagement Projects

Project lead: Briony Campbell
Dates: 1 July 2018- 30 December 2018
Award: £10,505



Between Beliefs will be a short documentary film capturing conversations between believers and unbelievers in the UK, offering intimate insights into the diverse values that exist within the growing population of atheists, agnostics and other types of unbelievers in Britain.

The project is a collaboration between independent filmmaker Briony Campbell and Banyak Films. The film will focus on people who identify as an unbeliever, and explore their close or familial relationship with somebody who identifies as a committed member of a formal religion. Through interview and observation these relationships will be investigated as models of the evolution of belief systems that occur within families and communities.

The spine of the film will be a conversation between the believer and the unbeliever. These intimate and frank exchanges will be illustrated by poetic visuals which evoke the socio-cultural environments that influence the daily lives of each of our pairs.

By studying the personal perspectives of those who navigate their own family’s differing beliefs on a daily basis, the film will offer insights into the most rigorously examined experiences of unbelief. In contrast to the simplistic polarisation of believers vs unbelievers, this film will reveal deeply nuanced relationships, built on compromise and self-reflection

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