Professor Emeritus Raymond Paloutzian

Steering Committee

Raymond F. Paloutzian is among those who helped trigger the development of the psychology of religion and spirituality in its modern iteration.  He is presently exploring the processes of meaning making constitutive of believing, as fundamental intrinsic multilevel bio-psycho-social processes.  He is a Professor Emeritus of psychology and consultant to the Religion, Experience, and Mind (REM) Lab Group at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Books: Ray’s publications include his highly esteemed Invitation to the Psychology of Religion (3rd.ed., Guilford, 2017). For 18 years he was Editor of The International Journal for the Psychology of Religion. With A. Kalayjian, he co-edited Forgiveness and Reconciliation: Psychological Pathways to Conflict Transformation and Peace Building (Springer, 2010). With C. Park he co-edited the Handbook of the Psychology of Religion and Spirituality (Guilford, 1st ed. 2005; 2nd ed. 2013).  Finally, he co-edited (with H.-F. Angel, L. Oviedo, A. L. C. Runihov, & R. J. Seitz, R. J., Processes of Believing: The Acquisition, Maintenance, and Change in Creditions (Springer, 2017).  Ray has given invited talks on “The Psychology of Religion in Global Perspective” in various countries around the world.