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Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2014: Kent is judged to have world-leading research in all subjects submitted in REF 2014. REF also assesses the impact that our research has outside of academia.

The Sharland Foundation Developmental Disabilities ABA research and impact network (SF-DDARIN)

Project management group includes: Dr Peter Baker, Dr Nick Gore plus members from other collaborative centres
Network members: Professor Peter McGill, Dr Ciara Padden, Serena Tomlinson
Research team member: Viki Stafford

The Love Project

Research team: Michelle McCarthy (PI), Rachel Forrester-Jones, Claire Bates, Karen Milne-Skillman, Nicola Elson

The EAST study

Research Team: Dr Ciara Padden, Dr Peter Baker, Professor Rachel Forrester-Jones and Gillian Eaglestone

Mapping and understanding exclusion

Research Team: Prof Julie Beadle-Brown, Dr Agnes Turnpenny and Gabor Petri

The mATCH Study

Research team: Dr Peter Langdon and Dr Magali Barnoux


Research Team: Dr Nick Gore funded by the Patricia Collen Fellowship, Prof Peter McGill, Serena Brady and the Challenging Behaviour Foundation


Funding has been awarded by SSCR (School for Social Care Research) for Professor Glynis Murphy to carry out the project for two years, working collaboratively with Dr Rachel Forrester-Jones and Dr Nick Gore, and with various NHS and prison sites across England. Professor Jenny Beecham will be assisting with the health economics. The research workers on the project include Pak Chiu, Emily Blake, Magali Barnoux and Jenny Cooke.

Domestic Violence

Funding was awarded by SSCR (School for Social Care Research) for Dr Michelle McCarthy to carry out the project for two years (2012- 2014).  The research workers on the project were Siobhan Hunt and Karen Milne-Skillman. Professor Glynis Murphy gave advice, particularly on statistical analysis of the survey. Ethical approval was granted by SCREC (Social Care Research Ethics Committee) Ref. No. 12/IEC08/0028

Costs and outcomes of skilled support for adults with complex needs in supported accommodation

Research Team: Dr Julie Beadle-Brown, Dr Jennifer Leigh, Beckie Whelton, Lisa Richardson, Prof Jennifer Beecham, T. Baumker and Dr Jill Bradshaw

Uncovering the staff culture of good quality supported accommodation for people with intellectual disabilities

Research Team: Dr Julie Beadle-Brown, Dr Jill Bradshaw, Christine Bigby (La Trobe University, Australia) and Lisa Richardson.

Preventing challenging behaviour of adults with complex needs in supported accommodation

Research Team: Prof Peter McGill, Leah Vanono, Will Clover, Emmett Smyth, Vivien Cooper, OBE, Lisa Hopkins, Nick Barratt, Christopher Joyce, Kate Henderson, Susy Davis & Roy Deveau

Feasibility study of Keep Safe Group CBT for young people with intellectual disabilities and harmful sexual behaviour

Research Team: Prof Glynis Murphy, Dr Rowena Rossiter and Aida Malovic

Teaching staff

Research team: Dr Ciara Padden and Lucy Brady

Transition to adult social care from residential educational settings

Research team: Prof Peter McGill, Dr Nick Gore, Serena Brady and Nicola Elson

Deinstitutionalisation and community living: outcomes and costs

Research team:  Prof Julie Beadle-Brown, Emeritus Prof Jim Mansell, Prof Martin Knapp and Prof Jennifer Beecham


Evaluating the impact of communication passports for people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) living in adult social care

Research team: Dr Jill Bradshaw

The social care needs of adults with Tourette’s syndrome: an exploratory study

Research team: Dr Paraskevi Triantafyllopoulou, Dr Melina Malli, Prof Rachel Forrester-Jones (University of Bath)